Oh My Girl teared and celebrated their third anniversary with fans in their first ever Fan Meet in Singapore


(Pic Credit: LifeMusix Entertainment)

Singapore, 2018 – On 5th May, the girls of Oh My Girl finally came to Singapore to meet their fans at their very first fan meet. The fan meet, which was held at Suntec Convention Centre was filled with passionate fans who were waiting patiently to see their favorite idols perform live.

As soon as the lights dimmed and Oh My Girl perform their first few songs, it had all the fans excited! As soon as the girls began their performance, fans can’t help but notice that Jiho is not performing and seating on a stool at the side instead. After the performance, she apologized to the fans and explained, “I am recovering but unfortunately today I cannot put too much pressure on my leg so I am unable to dance today.”

The fans made sure Jiho did not feel guilty and started screaming “It’s okay!” to make her feel better. Throughout the fan meet, Oh My Girl showed amazing stages and impress with their vocals. Personally, I am so glad they performed Closer as that was one of my favorite songs!


Since this is their very first time in Singapore, the girls of Oh My Girl expressed how excited they were to be here. Seunghee even started exclaiming, “This feels like ‘siao’! All of you makes me feel ‘siao’!”, which made the whole audience burst into laughter at her sudden use of Singlish.

Jiho also shared, “I am so happy to meet my precious Singapore fans. I would like to return your love for us by sending a lot of positive energy here.” YooA added that Singapore is one of the places that she has always wanted to visit and being here is just fantastic.


(Pic Credit: LifeMusix Entertainment)

When asked what they have done in Singapore so far, YooA shared that she really wanted to see the Merlion. “I was so happy I get to see it on the way to the hotel! I also want to go to Universal Studios Singapore with all the fans!” she added. The fans definitely agreed to this proposal!

Oh My Girl also shared what their charming points are and what the fans can look forward to during the fan meet. Mimi boasts her rap. YooA said she will blow our mind with her girl crush dance. Binnie shared that her charming point is her eyes. She even winked for her fans which made them go crazy! Jiho also showed off her eye contact as her charming point.


Hyojung and Seunghee flaunt their sweet voices and even sang some songs, much to the fans delight. Arin definitely did not disappoint as she did aegyo much to the fans anticipation.

Oh My Girl even played a “Mission Relay Game” where they have to finish a relay under 5 minutes in order for 7 fans to go home with their autographed poster. They displayed great teamwork and managed to finish the relay under 3 minutes much to the amazement of the fans!


They also had a hilarious segment where they decorate cookies to give to 7 lucky fans. Their personality shone as each member decorates their cookies differently. Seunghee caused much laughter as she draws chili crab that looked more like a lobster. In the end, she decided to agree with the fans that it is a lobster.

Approaching the end of the fan meet, a surprise video is played to commemorate Oh My Girl’s first fan meet in Singapore as well as their third year anniversary. It has been 3 years since debut and the video showed flashbacks of Oh My Girl’s proudest moments over the years. The video was definitely heartwarming seeing how much the girls have grown over the years.


(Pic Credit: LifeMusix Entertainment)

As the fan meet draws to a close, YooA shared her gratitude to the fans. “Thank you for giving us unforgettable memories for our first time in Singapore.”, she exclaimed. Arin also shyly shared, “I can’t believe I finally made it to Singapore!”.

Hyojung also expressed, “All your support is motivation for us to work harder and we want to come back again if possible! We will continue to work hard and show you great performances with the other members.” The members then shared that they would love to come back to Singapore again! I am sure the fans would love to see the lovely girls again!

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