Dara share her beauty secrets and tips at the Get It Beauty On The Road Press Conference in Singapore


Singapore, 2018 – Get it beauty on the road is tvN Asia’s brand new production in 2018. By adopting the winning format of popular Korean shown, tvN Asia will also blend in local spirits, and bring the shooting down to Singapore. The co-production between tvN Asia and StarHub TV will follow the original format by exploring K-beauty products.

Global celebrities Chantelle Ng and Tay Ying will co-host the show along with multi-lingual K-pop fashion beauty icon, Sandara Park. The trio will go around the lion-city to test the latest beauty trends and beauty gadgets with help from beauty experts in Korea. The show will also be conducted in Mandarin and English.

On May 11, Chantelle Ng, Tay Ying, and Sandara Park came together to Singapore to talk more about the new production, beauty secrets, how to stay healthy despite busy schedules and many more.

Host: Welcome to our press conference, do you have any words to say our media friends here today? 

Dara: Good Afternoon everybody. Thank you so much for coming down, this is Sandara Park and I really love Singapore so I really wanted to come back, and so thank you so much for having me here. Thank you tvN and Beauty On The Road, Starhub Singapore thank you so much.

Chantelle: Hello everyone, I am seeing a lot of familiar faces on stage and it is great to see all of you again. I hope that you would enjoy the rest of the press con.

Tay Ying: Hi everyone, I am Tay Ying, just like what Chantelle said, a lot of familiar faces, firstly I want to thank tvN and Starhub for giving us this opportunity and also, I also want to especially thank my co-host, the both of you have been so lovely throughout, I hope that you guys will enjoy the event.


Host: How do you like the city and is there anything else you would like to do in Singapore? Is there anything else you would like to do in Singapore?

Dara: I always love to come to Singapore every time, because, when 2NE1 was here, everything was so great. I really miss my fans, miss Singapore food, so I was really happy to be here and, what was the question? Actually, there were a lot of things I want to do and I think did everything in the past 7 days after the shoot. I was so tired and sleepy, but I still went around the city to look around and go to my favorite places like Universal Studios, Singapore Flyer, and Clarke Quay last night.

Host: You were the host for Get It Beauty in Korea, and for the first time, brought it down to Singapore. So how was it different for you, shooting in Korea and shooting in Singapore, you know, especially since you get to work with 2 Singaporean co-hosts this time? How was it different?

Dara: Actually, it was nerve-wracking and worrying, as it was my first time to be the host and have to use English, so I prepared a lot. There were so many things to share about k-beauty to Singapore viewers and fans, so, I hope you guys will like it.


Host: So, have you done anything to prepare for this shooting or is there any beauty secrets that you can share with all of us over here today?

Dara: Actually, there is no secret, I’m also human so I also get sweat and go around without makeup, but what I do is put a face mask, mask pack, every night. I try to do it every day even when I am tired or lazy, because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes, and since we are so tired from the day, we need some treatment to repair while we’re sleeping, so it is to help you better. You should always check and take care of your skin.

Chantelle: Dara beauty tips work! Over the past week, I have been putting face mask every night as well, and also applying sunblock, because in Singapore, the sun is really bad so you don’t want to get freckles, so I put sunblock every day.

Host: For the show, apart from skincare and make-up, wellness is also a very important element. With filming every day, how do you guys stay healthy? 

Dara: You should watch the show because we discussed about it. But I’ll tell you just a little bit. You need to work out regularly. And I shared how to work out when you don’t have time to go to the gym. There are some routines for them to do everywhere, at home, in the dressing room, at the toilet, so if you watch the show, you’ll know what to do and, of course, we’ll have to eat some healthy fruits and I always try to eat breakfast.


Host: Finally, I have another question for Dara, if you can only choose 3 skin-care and makeup items for a photo shoot, what would you choose?

Dara: I think I would use face mask before I do my makeup, to keep it fresh, and then BB cushion for my skin, and lipstick, because with 1 lipstick, we can use it as lipstick, shade, and eyeshadow.

Question: What are your upcoming plans for the rest of the year?

Dara: I don’t want to guarantee anything, but I would always try to prepare everything so I would always be ready when the opportunities come. But right now, I am focusing on my work on beauty stuff, travel shows, like when I go back to Korea, and I have pictorials. I’m quite busy so I don’t have time to go to the studio to work on my music, I’m so sad, but, whenever I have a free day, I try to make a visit, so I could be singing or could be acting. I am also excited to see what kind of work I would do.

Question: I heard about your beauty tips for during summer, but because Singapore is really really hot, what are your must-dos and must-haves during summer?

Dara: Singapore is really hot and humid all year, so it is really important to choose the right product so that you look good, and of course sometimes make-up would look cakey, so it is really nice to get the right product and do it properly in the right order. So we talked about it at the show too, it would be nice if you watched the show.


Question: Can you share with us, how did you first get interested in fashion, beauty, and make-up?

Dara: I remember as young as 8 years old, I was already buying clothes and I was wearing the most trendy items that time. But when I met my stylist for 2NE1, I think the person kind of my style totally changed, so I was really shocked at first and he was suggesting me those iconic hairstyles and so many clothes. Now I love it so much and I have so many friends in the fashion industry, so I think it is very natural. I talk to them every day, and I get to know what is trending right now, and what is right for me, and what kind of clothes look good on me. I think it is really fun.

Question: What kind of beauty trends do you love at the moment?

Dara: Actually, I am a famous cosmetic fanatic, so I really love buying and trying new in items. And in Korea right now, there are so many new items that we cannot see overseas, and I love buying them. There are so many interesting things I don’t know which items to tell you guys. I love this cute face mask, like Kung Fu Panda style, like when you’re doing the face mask, you should get bored right? But when you look at yourself in the mirror, it is really funny.

Chantelle: For me, I am obsessed with the Korean natural makeup, the one that is there, but doesn’t look like it. So, when Dara came over, we also asked her, what are some tips to look gorgeous and not have a lot of makeup on. I guess a lot of girls want to look natural nowadays. Especially students, when we go to school, we don’t want to get cakey or cakey eyeshadow. So, that is my favorite makeup trend now.

Tay Ying: A very specific one would be the gradient lip, I really like the gradient lip a lot as it is very popular in Korea, and then now in Singapore, everyone is using the same technique, it looks really cute, I really like it a lot.


The beauty trio shared so many interesting tips and tricks and also shared their thoughts on beauty at the press conference. If you wish to know more, don’t forget to catch Get It Beauty On The Road. It will premiere on 10 July 2018 via tvN Asia (StarHub TV Ch. 824 & Singtel TV Ch. 518/619) and StarHub TV HUB E City (StarHub TV Ch. 825), and is set to air every Tuesday for a total of 4 episodes!

For more pictures from Get It Beauty On The Road press conference, click here!


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