EXO holds 2-day concert in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2018 – South Korea popular male group EXO held their 2-day concert which is part of their ‘EXO PLANET #4 – The EℓyXiOn –’ tour at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong.

They started off the concert with ‘Forever’, ‘KOKOBOP’ and ‘Growl’ to heat up the atmosphere of the concert.

In addition to group performances, all EXO members prepared individual stages.  Xiumin and Baek Hyun had a dual dance break performance. Kai, who has always been known for his dancing abilities, prepared a powerful dance performance, leaving the fans in awe.

The main vocals of the group, DO, performed ‘For life’ and piano accompaniment was by Chan Yeol. Smoke filled the stage and it created the perfect mood for the song which was accompanied by DO’s strong vocals. When DO hit the high notes of the songs, the fans erupted in cheers. Baek Hyun, who is also one of the main vocals of the group, performed ‘Sing for you’.

Suho on the other hand, performed ‘Play Boy’, while holding wine glass in his hands. The rap performance that Chan Yeol gave had great lyrics which is inspiring and had fans tearing up after listening to it.

The theme for the first day of the concert was ‘Paradise’ as mentioned by the EXO members themselves. It is a theme belonging to both EXO and EXO-L, allowing each and every one to be themselves, be happy and enjoy themselves thoroughly.

EXO mentioned that they understand that Hong Kong EXO-L have been waiting for them for some time now and they can totally feel their passion. In fact, EXO members themselves haven seen each other for some time too. Each of them has their own personal schedules but they would send each other text frequently to encourage one another, and because of that, they can happily hold their concert together in Hong Kong together with EXO-Ls.

Nearing the end of the second day of the concert, EXO members had quite a lot of interactions with EXO-Ls. Because of EXO-Ls, they gain strength to continue on. Seeing that all seats were filled up, they were really thankful, because, without fans, there would not be any meaning for this concert and in order to thank the fans, they performed to the best of their strength.

Lastly, Sehun demonstrated his fluent Mandarin, telling the fans that they will be leaving for Korea on the midnight flight and hope to see everyone again soon! Leader Suho mentioned that Hong Kong, to every single EXO member, is a special place. At the same venue, they have received a grand award previously so opening a concert at the same venue has a lot of mixed emotions for them. They promised to come back with an album as soon as possible and thanked everyone in mandarin again.

During the last song Angel, EXO took photos with all the fans that were present and with the staff before leaving the venue, marking an end to the 2-day concert.

Article content: Po Ching, Ka Ho
Photographs: Ka Ho, Wa Hin



除了組合的演出外,exo這次每個成員都有各自準備的環節,有xiumin和伯賢合作的dance break舞台,Kai當然負責表演最拿手的舞蹈,讓大家一睹令人驚嘆的舞技。主音D.O唱For life時,由燦烈負責彈琴伴奏,舞台放有煙霧意境十足、在D.O唱高音時,全場尖叫!身為團內另一主音擔當的伯賢,唱sing for u 時的高音,也是演唱會中的亮點,第一晚的sing for u,主音Chen 為了exol 改了一句歌詞,令Exol 全場尖叫 ,而在歌曲途中 Chen 和kai 更是激動得流下了眼淚。

Suho表演的是playboy,拿酒杯跳舞登場大跳sexy dance,而燦烈是表演rap ,勵志的歌詞令現場exol很感慨,甚至是有粉絲哭了。世勛表演時身穿皮外套,一身黑加上cap帽的裝扮,令觀眾更加把焦點放在他的rap和舞蹈上。

第一晚的演唱會上,成員們就講解了是次的演唱會主題,主要是指 「Paradise」
,是屬於 Exo與exol 的樂園,並希望跟exol 在這個樂園盡情遊玩又玩得開心!成員們也表示知道香港exol等了好久,完全感受到大家熱情!其實Exo就連成員間都好久不見,因為個人活動關係(各自要拍劇、綜藝、時裝show等)但都會發訊息支持彼此,故此非常開心可以在香港開演唱會,跟成員們同exol一起!

第二晚尾場時,成員們又跟exol講了好多,道出了因爲有exol,他們好有動力,也很感謝exol,他們見到座位都滿了,因為沒exol 填滿座位的話就沒意思了。而他們的表演做得好也是理所當然,為了報答粉絲。

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