Lee Seung-gi back in Singapore after 5 years

Singapore, 2018 – The all-rounder artist, Lee Seung-gi, has returned to Singapore after a whole 5 years for a fan meeting with his fans. The fan meeting took place last Saturday, 7 July 2018 at ZEPP@Big Box where fans spent a good two hours with Lee Seung-gi.

Dressed in a smart black suit, Lee Seung-gi made his first appearance on stage while performing one of his famous hits ‘Because You’re My Girl’. He showed off his impressive vocals in this powerful ballad alike to how he did when he first debuted as a singer in 2004. This was followed by a casual chatting session onstage where Lee Seung-gi commented that he couldn’t believe that it has been 14 years since his debut as he only felt that only 4 years have passed and he would love to continue on this path with his fans for another 34 years.

The 31-year-old, who was discharged from the military last October, shared his experiences and moments from his military life. Lee Seung-gi mentioned that he received letters and snacks from Singapore fans and he even recognised some of the local snacks from the waiting room backstage. Fans were in treat for several exclusive clips of Lee Seung-gi’s training in the military. One of the clips showed him eating his lunch while standing up, balancing a life boat (weighing 230kg), on his head with his teammates. Lee Seung-gi revealed that it was from the 24-hours hell training he went through. When asked about any significant change after his military life, he said, “I think my confidence level increased by a lot. I gained a lot of energy too and I am able to move forward without much worries in the future. It (the training) helped me physically as well.”

Other than being treated to exclusive clips of Lee Seung-gi, several lucky fans had the privilege to get up-close with the artist on stage. The highlight of the interactive segment in the fan meeting was no doubt the scene reenactment with the male fan. Three lucky fans were selected to go on stage to reenact intimate scenes with Lee Seung-gi from his drama, A Korean Odyssey. Picked by the camera director, the only male fan involuntarily went up on stage and reenacted the back hugging scene with Lee Seung-gi which received the loudest cheers from the crowd that night. Lee Seung-gi also exclaimed, “I didn’t know you all like this kind of stuff!”

Being an all-rounder, Lee Seung-gi enjoys cooking and brewing coffee as well. The artist revealed that he has a personal collection of cooking wares ranging from cutleries to pots. In addition, he enjoys brewing coffee for himself every morning during the filming of A Korean Odyssey. A Taiwanese fan who attended the fan meeting had the opportunity to taste the Americano, personally brewed by Lee Seung-gi.

Nearing the end of the fan meeting, the Singapore Airen (Lee Seung-g’s official fan club name) team prepared a special video message to the artist. From which, we found out that an Airen family has been born! Back in 2013, Lee Seung-gi’s fan meeting in Singapore, a proposal from a male fan to his girlfriend was made onstage and now after 5 years, the couple has a 2-year-old son. This heartwarming moment was not forgotten by Lee Seung-gi as he himself invited the couple up on stage and initiated a photo with them.

Currently focusing on his upcoming drama, Vagabond and hosting the variety program, Master In The House, Lee Seung-gi promises to work hard in the future. “Thank you for not forgetting me and staying with me till now. I am looking forward to meeting you guys again next time!” The fan meeting concluded with the performance of Unfinished Story, Smile Boy and Let’s Go On A Trip. It was definitely a great two hours well spent with Lee Seung-gi. Let’s look forward and continue to support his future activities!

Article by: Jacyntha
Photos provided by: Red Spade Entertainment


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