iKON shares their favorite features of Galaxy S10 and S10+ at the Unleash Next Gen Bold event


Singapore, 2019 – To celebrate 10 years of Galaxy and the launch of its latest product innovation, the Galaxy S10 and S10+ in Singapore, Samsung held the Unleash Next Gen Bold event at Resorts World Theatre Thursday evening. The exclusive event saw the unveiling of the latest member of the Galaxy S series together with a performance by K-pop sensation iKON.


At the Unleash Next Gen Bold event, over 1,500 Samsung and iKON fans had a chance to experience the revolutionary features of the Galaxy S10 and S10+ at various product zones. They got to watch a live performance by iKON, where fans also had the opportunity to take group selfies together with iKON using the Galaxy S10’s Ultra Wide Lens. iKON fans got to see a side of their idols they have never seen before, while a number of lucky fans took home special mementos and iKON merchandise.

iKON members also shared their favorite features of the Galaxy S10 and S10+. Well known as a group who love selfies, Jinhwan shared that all the members love the wide angle lens. “The wide angled lens is able to fit all of us. The resolution is good too!” he explained. Junhoe, who loves walking, love that the phone is able to track his steps with the in-built step count feature.


Jinhwan also hilariously compared Singapore fans with the Siloso Beach. He explained, “Siloso beach is a beautiful beach, so Singapore fans are also beautiful!”, which causes his fans to burst in laughter with his unique comparison.

The members of iKON treat the fans with a dance battle where they amusingly danced the floss dance as a team battle. They even performed their hit song, Love Scenario, much to the fans’ excitement!


As part of the Samsung Galaxy series’ 10th-anniversary celebrations, Samsung will also be holding the Singapore leg of Galaxy Studio for consumers from 22 February 2019. Galaxy Studio will comprise of themed experiential zones and comprehensive product showcase areas, where consumers can enjoy and experience for themselves the all-round multimedia features of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, through a slew of delightful and immersive activities.

For more pictures of iKON at Samsung’s Unleash Next Gen Bold event, click here!

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