Seungri boasts to have the best Singlish amongst all Korean artists at The Great Seungri Tour 2019 in Singapore


(pic credit: CK Star Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Singapore, 2019 – The maknae (youngest member) of BIGBANG, Seungri held “The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Singapore” in a one-night-only performance on 23rd February (Saturday) at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre. Of course, he has achieved a lot as a member of BIGBANG, but he also proved himself to be a great solo artist!


‘The Great Seungri’ is Seungri’s first ever solo concert tour and his fans in Singapore were definitely in for a treat as he dazzled the crowd with his highly-energized performances accompanied by his amazing vocals. Not only is the concert full of awesome performances he also made his fans crack up several times with his hilarious humor and excellent entertainment factor.

The moment the lights were dimmed, the fans screamed in delight and all the fans were already up on their feet as he opened with “Bang Bang Bang”. He performed many other hits like Crooked, We Like 2 Party, Hands Up, Eyes Nose Lips and many more!


(pic credit: CK Star Entertainment Pte Ltd)

Seungri never failed to crack the audience up, especially when he boasted his perfect Singlish. He even exclaimed that he is the best at speaking Singlish among all the Korean artists! He hilariously spoke Singlish throughout the concert, showing how comfortable he is at it. He also shared his love for chili crab and said that that is the reason he made the song Strong Baby (because of the part of the lyrics: crack crack crack).

Throughout the concert, Seungri really rallied lots of laughs from the fans. There was even a segment where he showed Big Bang‘s funny pictures comparing them with vegetables, animals, and food. He shared that Taeyang loves to put his silly pictures as his Kakaotalk display pictures, sometimes for months!


(pic credit: CK Star Entertainment Pte Ltd)

The show is of course not all laughs and delight, as he showed off his wonderful vocals with a surprise performance by one of his favorite Jay Chou song, “The Longest Movie”.

Looking back at the concert experience, it is definitely no surprise how Seungri maintained an enormous pool of dedicated fans even after more than 10 years since debut. As much as he receives energy from the fans, he also gave back with amazing fan service.


(pic credit: CK Star Entertainment Pte Ltd)

He then rounded up the concert with “In My World” which he dedicated to all the V.I.Ps. “Please stay with me, I am not a bad boy.”, he exclaimed. Seungri also asked the fans to wait for him as he shared that he will be enlisting to military service soon. “I promise to not be fat and ugly okay, I am going to be more shuai okay mah?” he added, laughing.

After an amazing 2 hours long energetic and full of life concert, I am confident that all the fans left the venue happy and am counting down to the day they will get to see Seungri and Big Bang live once again!


(pic credit: CK Star Entertainment Pte Ltd)

The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Singapore is proudly brought to you by CHENMEI Culture and supported by CK Star Entertainment.


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