Park Bo Gum proves he’s an all-rounder entertainer at Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore

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Singapore, 2019 – After 2 years, everyone’s favorite angelic actor, Park Bo Gum, is finally back in Singapore for his <Good Day> Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Singapore.  The fan meet which was held at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Arts Centre seated thousands of eager fans waiting to catch their favorite actor live once again.

As soon as the lights dimmed and music filled the venue, the fans instantly started cheering! Park Bo Gum started the fan meet with a lovely ballad which showcased his beautiful vocals. The whole fan meet was split into different segments where he answered some of the fans’ questions, played games, and had several amazing performances.

During the first segment, he sat down to answer some of the fans’ burning questions. When asked what he has been busy with lately, he shared, “Since last year and a bit of this year, I have been busy filming my latest drama, Encounter. Recently I am also busy meeting my fans with the Asia tour!”.

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Park Bo Gum, who had recently wrapped up his shoot for Encounter, shared that the most difficult part about filming it was definitely the weather. “It was so cold that my ears turned red!” he added. However, he still enjoyed himself as he got to visit Cuba, a place he never visited before. “I feel like the time stops there. And I also notice that the people like to groove”, he added, while grooving, which cracked the fans up.

The next segment was a fun one as 3 lucky fans got picked to re-enact a special scene from Encounter! Throughout the whole segment, the rest of the fans were laughing and shrieking, obviously jealous of the fans on stage. as they got to take a selfie, a back hug and many more!

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He also specially made a candle for a lucky fan! Throughout the whole candle-making process, Park Bo Gum causes a lot of laughter as he showed utmost concentration trying to make a perfect candle. When the figurines did not go the way he wanted, he adorably expressed frustration which made the fans scream “it’s okay!”.

The fan meet, which lasted for 3 hours, allowed us to see Park Bo Gum‘s many talents and personalities! Not only did he interacted plenty with the fans, played games and sang ballads, he also performed whilst playing the piano and performed a couple of dance songs! He also surprised fans by playing JJ Lin‘s hit, Practice Love. Even though he struggled with the lyrics, the fans saved him by singing along, harmoniously, which was very beautiful!

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Much to the fans delight, Park Bo Gum also performed a medley of k-pop songs, showcasing his slick (and adorable) dance moves! According to the host, he practiced very hard for all of his performances and it definitely showed! Made me wonder, how does he make the time to put all these together despite his busy schedule.

To give back all the love that he is receiving, Park Bo Gum went around the venue throwing autographed balls to the fans. All the fans were screaming trying their best to catch the balls which were surely signed with love.

The fan meet, which was more like a concert considering the number of songs he performed, had to eventually come to an end. He performed Blessing as his last song which lyrics made the whole performance slightly bittersweet.

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After the whole fan meet experience, it is no surprise that Park Bo Gum’s fanbase will continue to grow as he really exudes so much talent! His genuine and humble character still amazes me and I am sure the fans will be waiting for the next time Bo Gum steps on this lion city – hopefully we do not have to wait 2 years!


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