Yeo Jin-goo dishes if he is afraid of ghosts at the Hotel Del Luna Media Conference in Singapore


Singapore, 2019 – tvN’s latest talk-of-the-town drama Hotel Del Luna has dominated viewership rating charts across Asia. Seeing the buzz around Hotel Del Luna and its main cast among Asian audience, tvN partnered with StarHub to bring the male lead, Yeo Jin-goo who played the elite hotelier, Gu Chan-seong in the drama, to Singapore to meet with fellow media friends and fans, right before the finale is broadcasted on tvN in Singapore and Malaysia on 2 October 2019.

During the media conference held at The Capitol Kempinski, Yeo Jin-goo shared how nervous he was to actually be coming Singapore. “I heard that Hotel Del Luna was well-loved not only in Korea but from all the fans across Asia as well. I’m really happy to hear that and upon hearing of the overwhelming response, I was a little nervous before coming but after comin to Singapore I felt so happy and relieved that I am finally here to meet all my fans,” he shared.


This is not the first time Yeo Jin-goo has been in Singapore. He shared that he went to Clarke Quay previously and remembered having lots of fun and making great memories. “This time since I am in Singapore again, I would like to visit it again but of course I am open to exploring new places in Singapore. Please keep your recommendations coming!’ he added. He also hilariously exclaimed that he will be having chili crab straight after his schedule ends!

Hotel del Luna is a drama about an interesting hotel, located in Seoul, that is not like any other hotel: its clients are all ghosts and is not visible in its true form during the day. “When I first received the script for the drama, I was very intrigued by the whole set of it. It is a mysterious hotel that only ghosts can stay over so I thought it was very interesting,” he shared.


The drama has dominated viewership reading in Korea and has done well on tVN Asia as well. When asked what he thinks attributed to the success of the drama, Yeo Jin-goo shared that there are two important factors – first, it is an interesting plot that goes back and forth from the before life and afterlife and secondly, the interesting characters in the drama that comes with their own storylines and backgrounds. “These two factors are what makes the drama really appealing to a lot of fans,” he explained.

Yeo Jin-goo, who started off his career at the very young age of 8, is already well known as a child actor. After many successful dramas and movies, he has successfully transformed himself from a child actor to an amazing actor right now. When asked if being a child actor had given him an advantage, he shared that playing different roles in the past actually helped him to prepare for his current roles.


Since the drama deals with ghosts and the afterlife, Yeo Jin-goo shared that he is not exactly afraid of ghosts or anything supernatural but he is easily frightened by things that appear suddenly; like bugs.

Having played mostly bright and happy characters in the past, Yeo Jin-goo agreed that it was difficult at first to play a more mature character as Koo Chan Sung. “It is very important for me to have a full understanding of what kind of character he is before embarking on filming and I did this by communicating with the director and doing a lot of research,” he added.


It has been almost 14 years since Yeo Jin-goo has started his acting career. When asked what kept him going, he shared that every role and every production brings a different meaning, inspiration, and emotion to him. He explained, “Every time I take on a different role, it feels very new and refreshing and that is what kept me going.”

Following the press conference was a cosy exclusive fan moment, where Yeo Jin-goo met with 70 fans selected by tvN Asia and StarHub. Excited fans came bearing gifts were mesmerized by his radiant smile and sincere greetings, and also won a chance to hi-touch and take a group photo with the smart actor.

For more pictures of Yeo Jin-goo at the media conference, click here.

Special thanks to:
Official Platform Partner: StarHub
Official Hospitality Partner: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore

Telecast Info:
Time: Every Tuesday and Wednesday at 21:45
Cast: IU, Yeo Jin-goo, Kang Min-na, P.O.
Duration: 60 minutes
No. of Episode: 16
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