Epik High wishes the night will last forever at 2019 Epik High in Singapore


pic credit: CK Star Entertainment 

Singapore, 2019 – Even though this is not the first time Epik High has been to Singapore to perform, it marks their first standalone show since their debut. After selling out multiple shows across Europe and North America this year, the alternative hip-hop artists will be touring around Asia and Singapore is the first Southeast Asian stop of their Asia Tour.

Epik High (made up of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz) performed in Singapore for Skechers Sundown Festival back in 2015. After 4 years, they are finally back again and this had fans all riled up to enjoy a full standalone concert by them. Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz were definitely full of energy as they promised to take away their fans’ stress, pain, worry and heartbreak away.


pic credit: CK Star Entertainment 

Epik High performed songs from their new, as well as older albums. They performed favorites like “Born Hater“, “Kill this Love” and Tablo’s personal favorite from their new album, “Eternal Sunshine“. 

They also hyped up the crowd by getting everyone to jump during “Love Love Love.” Tablo also hilariously jumped into Mithra Jin arms in the middle of the song. The crowd definitely returned the energy as they sang along to all the songs passionately.


pic credit: CK Star Entertainment 

Having been raised overseas, Tablo became the group’s unofficial translator as he translated Mithra Jin‘s introduction, “It has been a long time. I am sorry it took us so long to come here.” Being the cheeky self that he is, Tablo took the opportunity to translate inaccurately by adding, “I have done many bad things and I became a sinner. This is my confession,” which causes the whole venue to erupt in laughter.

Tablo also commented, “Congratulations Singapore, you have been verified as the most jjang (the best) city in the world by DJ Tukutz“.


pic credit: CK Star Entertainment 

Epik High showed off amazing fan service as they grabbed a fan’s phone to record with it, hi-fived a few fans and even climbed on a railing to get closer to the fans.

After spending a good few hours with Epik High, the fans were definitely not ready to have it come to an end. As the concert slows, Tablo relayed that he too does not want the night to end. “Tonight is one of those nights you wish it can last forever. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you guys but it is time to sing the last song,” he added. Epik High then ended it off with a song dedicated for their fans, “Fan“.


pic credit: CK Star Entertainment 

After 4 years of not coming back to Singapore, Epik High exclaimed to see everyone again in 2020. Let’s hope they have plans to perform in Singapore again next year!


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