PENTAGON successfully concludes their first online Fan Meeting ‘PENTAG-ON AIR’

PENTAGON held their online fan meeting PENTAGON Official Fanclub UNIVERSE 3rd Online Fan Meeting ‘PENTAG-ON AIR’ on September 6th at 5PM(KST) and spent a special time with global UNIVERSE for about 120 minutes.

Similar to the title which is a compound of the word PENTAGON and ON AIR, PENTAGON showed not only professional appearance on stage but also a natural and friendly image behind the stage.

PENTAGON, who kicked off their fan meeting with ‘Basquiat’, the final song of Mnet Road to Kingdom, and ‘Dr. BeBe’, the title song of their first full album, said hello to UNIVERSE all over the world and said “It’s the first online fan meeting that we’ve been looking forward to. We’ve been practicing very hard for today, and we really missed you” in various languages.

PENTAGON continued their opening performance with ‘Runaway’ and followed by ‘Happiness(Korean ver.)’ and ‘Summer’ to show off their aspect of ‘Cheongryang Tagon’(a compound of Refreshing and PENTAGON), giving fans a refreshing performance.

The natural and friendly image of PENTAGON behind the stage could be seen in the following game and event sections. In the ‘Mini Sports Day’ section where YEOONE was MC, the team was divided into Big-Tagon team and Small-Tagon team, and it gave fans big laughters with their playful and cute images. In the second corner ‘PENTAGON : meme studio’, PENTAGON showed handmade memes sent by UNIVERSE in a ‘made in PENTAGON’ version, giving fans a different kind of fun.

PENTAGON presented exclusive performances which are the acoustic version of ‘Just do it yo!!’ and the English version of ‘Spring Snow’, and also sang ‘Camelia’ to show their appreciation and love to UNIVERSE.

In particular, JINHO, who is currently serving in the military, participated in the real-time chat window during the fan meeting and YANAN also watched the fan meeting to show off their strong relationship. Furthermore, there was a video from JINHO saying hello to UNIVERSE after a long time right before the encore began, and it gave a deep impression to UNIVERSE.

PENTAGON performed their final encore stage with ‘Pretty Pretty’, one of the track of the 2nd mini album, and ‘Shine+Spring Snow’. Throughout the encore stage, UNIVERSE also created a touching moment with chat events such as “PENTAGON is our eternal UNIVERSE, we love you”, “At this moment when the whole UNIVERSE is happy, PENTAGON, we love you and you’re precious, as always.”

PENTAGON said wholeheartedly, “We were very worried since it was the first online fan meeting, but it was such a pleasant time. It was really touched when we heard UNIVERSE’s voices from encore VCR. We really hope things get better as soon as possible and to meet UNIVERSE in person.”

PENTAGON also added “Thank you so much for giving us your precious time, and we hope today will be remembered as a beautiful memory for UNIVERSE as well. We will be back very soon, so please look forward to it. We ardently love UNIVERSE so much.”, and their first online fan meeting wrapped up.

Meanwhile, in the ending credit for the fan meeting, the place where the name of YANAN would be included was flashed and it created curiosity among fans. He recently resumed his activities through a Chinese drama “Use for my talent”. The fans who saw it were guessing it might be a hint of his return to the group and looking forward to YANAN’s return.

Content and photos provided by REG


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