Singapore Polca-s join TayNew for 2 hours of Chaotic Fun!

Actors from Thai Drama, Kiss The Series & Dark Blue Kiss, Tay Tawan & New Thitipoom brought their fans, Polca-s(Fan Club Name) through a fun and chaotic night filled with songs, games and definitely lots of tea on 29 April at Capitol Theatre. 

Visiting attractions was something not to be missed when traveling. In one of the segments, TayNew were given 3 Singapore attractions for them to ‘visit’ virtually including Gardens by the Bay which the 2 of them visited a day prior, Universal Studios Singapore(USS), as well as Fort Canning Park. Of which, Tay picked USS but was totally charmed by Fort Canning’s image when it was shown on screen for New’s turn and wanted a photo too. The duo ended up grabbing a photo together against the backdrop, but we hope they manage to visit it physically someday!

During the Q&A session, the duo shared their similarities/differences to their characters in the show, Pete & Kao. New felt that both Tay & Pete have a shorter temper while Tay felt that he was a total opposite of his character. On the other hand, Tay felt that New has a stronger mentality/character and New felt that he has his soft sides as well while Tay begs to differ as he commented that he has never seen that side of New before. We’ll let the fans be the judge for this! 

As fans all know, Tay enjoys photo taking and is often showing up with different cameras and taking amazing shots even from his phones. On the question of what Tay would do should he break his camera, New answered that Tay will probably be sad about it for 5 minutes then decide to get a new camera, showing us his deep passion for the craft. 

Fans also got to catch their competitiveness at play during the various stage games like Chopstick Pro, which tested their chopstick skills as they stacked cups using chopsticks, with New winning as Tay struggled with his chopstick skills. Another game was Bonded with Love where they competed to roll in the longest amount of cloth/ribbon. It was a game inspired by what Polcas often do with the duo’s standee, coiling red thread to tie the 2 of them together but it ended up in a playful fight to emerge as the winner. 

Not forgetting their performances, TayNew started the show with A Tale of Thousand Star’s title track and each had their solo tracks including New with “Because We Are Together” from (2gether the Series), Tay with Invisible Tears and ending the show with Dark Blue Kiss OST’s “No Fairytales”.

Ending off the show, Tay thanked fans for giving them a warm welcome & letting them feel like they’re with their family every time they meet with the Polcas. New also wanted fans to stay healthy & head over to GMMTV’s Channel to watch their shows when they are stressed or feeling down.

TayNew will be starring in the Thai remake of Cherry Magic this year so be sure to catch it when it’s out! 

Thank you Ariadne Company for the kind invitation, dont forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for more exciting events!

More HD photos can be found on our Facebook page.


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