[Ticket Giveaway] ‘Alexander’s date with Algovital Angels’

Alexander 1

Singapore, 2016 – Alexander Lee Eusebio will be having an exclusive fan meet with Singapore fans on 26th August 2016, 8pm at Revolte X SheShops (Wheelock 02-02/03)!
To win a date with Alexander, one simply have to purchase any Algovital product or a mix of Algovital and Revolte products:
Spend $50 – Event Ticket
Spend $150 – Event Ticket + Hi 5
Spend $250 – Event Ticket + Hi 5 + Selfie + Autographed postcard

Want to win a chance to have a date with Alexander? We happy to announce that we are giving away 3 tickets (worth $250 each) to our readers to attend this exclusive event on 26th August! You will get a chance to watch a demonstration by Alexander, hear him talk about the brand, and have close interaction with him on that day!  Continue reading

[Interview] Alexander Lee Eusebio, The Ambassador of Algovital Angel

On 2nd July 2015, we had the opportunity to meet and interview Alexander Lee Eusebio, the new face of Algovital Angel, at the Inverted Edge store, Scotts Square.

Alexander is currently endorsing a brand ‘Algovital Angel’. And loyal fans should already know that this is a brand that is owned and launched by Alexander’s Auntie! Though this exclusive interview and Meet and Greet session, fans will get a better understanding of Alexander and the brand ‘Angel Algovital’.

Check out the interview in this video and also Alexander’s shoutout!

We are very honoured and would like to extend our gratitude to Inverted Edge for extending the invitation to us for this exclusive interview with our angel-like artist Alexander Lee Eusebio.