2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Hong Kong: Episode Ⅱ. The Red Bullet


BangtanBoys (BTS) will be holding their last stop of ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode II. The Red Bullet’ in Hong Kong on the 29 August 2015, 7pm at the Asiaworld-expo, Arena. Tickets will be priced at HK$1580(VIP)*, $1280, $880 and $480. There will be limited VIP tickets available (300 ticket holders) and VIP ticket holders will get a chance to have a Hi-5 session prior to the concert. The organisers have announced that the online tickets sales will commence on 15 July 2015, 10am at http://www.hkticketing.com. Tickets can be purchased at all HK Ticketing outlets (including Tom Lee and K11 Select) from 16th July 2015 onwards.

Event: ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Hong Kong Episode II. The Red Bullet’
Date: 29 August 2015, Saturday
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Asiaworld-Expo, Arena
Ticket prices:HK$1580(VIP)*/$1280/$880/$480
*VIP package includes 1 admission pass to preshow Hi-5 session with BTS

Online ticket purchase: http://www.hkticketing.com/
Ticketing hotline: 31 288 288

韓流當前大勢的男子組合防彈少年團即將於8月29日在香港舉行首次個人演唱會“2015 BTS LIVE TRILOGY IN HONG KONG: EPISODE Ⅱ. THE RED BULLET“。 防彈少年團(又稱BTS)是由Jin、SUGA、J-Hope、Rap Monster、Jimin、V、JungKook七名成員組成。

BTS憑藉節奏感強烈的HipPop曲風和爆炸力十足的舞蹈,充分展現出90後年輕偶像的才華及霸氣。成員們除了能歌善舞,亦身兼RAP及詞曲創作。最近推出的迷你專輯〈花樣年華 pt. 1〉主打曲在各大音樂節目中獲得第一位,成為五連冠,被喻為Kpop界當前大勢。過去半年間BTS在亞洲巡迴演唱會中,所到之處無一不掀起一波少女們的追星熱潮。繼澳洲、南美洲、北美洲及東南亞地區後,香港場將會接力演出成為尾站,為巡迴演唱之旅畫上完美句號。門票售價分為$1580(VIP)、$1280、$880及$480,將在7月15日公開發售。為了讓粉絲們感受前所未有的互動體驗,到時將會特設限量300張VIP門票,讓粉絲可以零距離與BTS High Five,砌底引爆粉絲熱情,讓大家都能夠盡興而歸!

香港盛享美食及購物天堂的美譽,就算只是第二次踏足香港的BTS都對香港瞭如指掌。Jimin、Jungkook及Jin表示:「聽聞香港的食物很好吃!一定要周圍去品嚐!」而J-Hope、Suga、V及Rap Monster最期待是Shopping!成員都很期待與香港ARMY見面,香港只此一場,大家萬勿錯過!

日期:2015年8月29日,星期六 (29 August 2015)
時間:晚上7時正 (7pm)
地點:香港亞洲博覽館Arena (Asiaworld-Expo, Arena)
*VIP package includes 1 admission pass to preshow Hi-5 session with BTS

7月16日(星期四)起可透過快達票銷售渠道(包括通利琴行和K11 Select)發售。

購票熱線:31 288 288

Best of Best Concert in Jakarta

Best of Best Concert in Jakarta Poster

Indonesia, Jakarta 3 November 2014 – On 10th January 2015, Jakarta will be the house of Best of Best Concert in Jakarta. The Concert will be placed at Lapangan D Senayan Jakarta. The guest line up for this concert are Girls Generation, SHINee, Bangtan Boys (BTS), and Winner. This concert was held by PT. SH Elim Jaya Entertainment together with Sinchunoung Agency.

Best of Best Concert is an Omnibus Concert Brand owned by Sinchunoung Agency, based in South Korea. Before Jakarta, Best of Best Concert has been held in several countries such as Nanjing, Taipei, Hongkong, and Guangzhou. Best of Best Concert has its guest based on its name, the line up guest should be the best of the best from each categories.

PT. SH Elim Jaya Entertainment decided to bring the Best of Best Concert to Jakarta with Girls Generation, SHINee, Bangtan Boys (BTS), and Winner as its guest line up.

Girl’s Generation is a girl group debuted under SM Entertainment. From 2007, the girls has released several hits songs such as Gee, Genie, Oh!, The Boys, I Got a Boy, and their latest album Mr. Mr. Girl’s Generation has gained popularity not only in Korea but also worldwide such as United States, Europe, Asia. Mr. Mr. has won the first place on the iTunes album chart at seven countries and regions. Last June, ‘Mr. Mr’ was selected as the American Times ‘2014 Best Song 25’ and the song was the only Asian song on the list.

SHINee is a 5 member boy group under SM Entertainment. The group consist Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin. SHINee was widely known by their bizzare yet unique stage outfit. Beside that, SHINee also known by their highly complicated coreography compared to the other boy group. At this Best of Best Concert, it will be their 4th time meeting with Indonesian’s SHINee World.

Bangtan Boys or usually called BTS, is a boy group consist of Rap Monster, J-Hope, V, Jin, Suga, Jimin, and Jungkook under Big Hit Entertainment. Debuted in 2013, by maintaining their bad boy concept, BTS has gained their popularity world wide and their fans called themself A.R.M.Y. BTS has released several single such as No More Dream, We Are Bulletproof, Boy in Luv, and their latest single, Danger.

Winner is a new boygroup debuted under YG Entertainment. Consist of Kang Seungyoon, Song Mino, Kim Jinwoo, Nam Taehyun, and Lee Seunghoon. Although they just debuted several months ago, their already gained their popularity trough a reality show called WIN (Who is next?) which allow them to win the competition and debuted with the name WINNER.

Event: Best of Best Concert in Jakarta
Date: 10 January 2015, Saturday
Venue: Lapangan D Senayan, South Jakarta
Artistes line up: Girls’ Generation, SHINee, Bangtan Boys (BTS), WINNER

Best of Best Concert in Jakarta Seating plan

Video Greeting from WINNER

Video Greeting from BTS

2014 BTS Live Trilogy In Singapore EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET


(Image Credit: Three Angles Production) 

Get ready for a massive performance by Korea’s fastest growing boy band as we welcome them to Kpop crazy, Singapore 

As part of their first ever Asian tour, BTS will be Performing for One Night only on Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at The Star Theatre – The Star Performing Arts Centre. Be prepared for a concert which promises high energy, exciting dance routines and an adrenaline pumping experience with BTS.

South Korean Seven Member Hip-Hop group BTS is birthed by Big Hit Entertainment, the company which manages other renowned names such as GLAM and 2AM. The Bangtan Boys (RR: Bangtan Sonyeondan) translated as: Bulletproof Boy Scouts, also known as BTS, debuted on June 13, 2013 with their first title song No More Dream followed by We Are Bulletproof Pt.II.

Inadvertently, leading to their subsequent win of South Korea’s “New Artist of the Year” Award and several other music accolades, including the 2013 MelOn Music Award and Golden Disk Award; 2014 Seoul Music Award and Gaon Chart K-Pop Award, with multiple other prestigious nominations at major music award ceremonies.

Up their alley, these eye-candy Korean dynamites also boast of their own variety show called The Rookie King: Channel Bangtan which aired on the SBS MTV channel for a total of eight fabulously popular episodes.

BTS kicked off their Asian tour in October starting with a 3 day sold out concert in Seoul, Korea and will be performing in Japan, Manila before heading to our sunny shores and finally rounding off the tour in Bangkok, Thailand in December.

Do not miss the ever popular culture that South Korea is famously known for in these recent years: Their very artistically and glamorously packaged Boy Bands, internationally renowned music and superbly talented personalities.

Event: 2014 BTS Live Trilogy In Singapore EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET
Date: 13 December 2014, Saturday
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: The Star Theatre – The Star Performing Arts Centre
Ticket price: Cat 1 – $268, Cat 2 – $228, Cat 3 – $168, Cat 4 – $128, Restricted – $108

*Cat 1 VVIP Tickets include a High Five Pass and Concert Poster.
Ticket Sales will be Launched on November 1 at 10am via all Sistic Platforms.