NTU students celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday with NTU Fest

Singapore, 29 August 2015 

· K-pop girl group Dal Shabet and MediaCorp celebrities light up the night

· Record-breaking largest logo made of 10,000 photographs, made-in-NTU science and technology exhibition and art showcase to mark SG50

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students are holding their biggest public event of the year – NTU Fest – at the Promontory @ Marina Bay today. Comprising a day-long carnival, charity run and concert, the mega event celebrates Singapore’s Golden Jubilee and marks the start of NTU’s new academic year.

Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, will launch the event by unveiling NTU’s record-breaking NTU Fest logo formed by 10,000 photos of NTU students and the community. The photos – that took five months to put together to commemorate SG50 and will enter the Singapore Book of Records – surpass the previous record of more than 1,000 photos.

Mr Heng, who also chairs the Singapore50 (SG50) steering committee, will then launch the evening segment of the NTU Fest concert with a National Day song, accompanied by MediaCorp actress Rebecca Lim, NTU senior management and student performers.

Ms Tan Hui Jun, Chairperson of NTU Fest 2015 organising committee that has been working feverishly over the past year, said: “NTU Fest is a unique opportunity for the public to experience the richness and diversity of our university, as it showcases some of the best talents that we have at NTU.

“This year’s NTU Fest is particularly special as we also celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday.  We hope this event will inspire people to see how far Singapore has come, and how bright the future looks with so many talented youths,” she added.

The student organisers’ final line-up of 50 carnival booths, 2,400 runners and a wide slate of local and international artistes attest to their hard work and success.

Celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee

In celebration of SG50, the NTU students worked with the university to put together two exhibitions spanning a diversity of disciplines. An art exhibition features eye-catching art installations based on the theme of “SG50 and beyond”.

A science and technology exhibition presents more than a dozen made-in-NTU inventions. Among the innovations on display are interactive ageing technologies, cutting-edge medical devices and satellites designed and built by NTU students and researchers. NTU, which is driving to be at the forefront of electromobility research, is also showcasing a student-built car made out of 3D-printed parts, the NAVYA, Singapore’s first driverless vehicle, and BMW’s latest i8 hybrid sports car that runs on electricity and petrol and i3 electric car.

As a gesture to give back to the community, the students gathered more than 100 underprivileged children who have been mentored by NTU students and 41 needy families to participate in the charity run and spend the day at NTU Fest. In addition, proceeds from the registration fees for the run will go towards a two-year training programme in partnership with SportCares Foundation to promote character development in underprivileged youths. NTU students will mentor the youths and join them in swimming, sailing and windsurfing training.

Commenting on the students’ efforts, Associate Provost (Student Life), Associate Professor Kwok Kian Woon said: “I am proud of our students who have truly stretched their abilities and revealed new talents, as they give back to the community through this project. Given the huge scale of the event, not everything may run as smoothly as we would wish, but the students have proven yet again that they are up to the challenge. They have also showed us that they have big hearts. They have touched the lives of many disadvantaged children and families through this event and through their project to help the youths at SportCares.”

Star-studded line-up

Dalshabet (01)(Photo provided by NTU Singapore)

Performing at NTU Fest this evening are Dal Shabet, one of K-pop’s most popular girl groups and more than a dozen Mediacorp’s hottest stars and deejays. MediaCorp is the Platinum Media Partner of NTU Fest.

Dal Shabet is scheduled to perform some of their most popular hits, including Supa Dupa Diva, B.B.B (Big Baby Baby), and Joker, the new title track from their latest album Joker Is Alive

Elvin Ng(Photo provided by NTU Singapore)

Five of the Eight Dukes of Caldecott Hill – Ian Fang, Shane Pow, Romeo Tan, Jeffrey Xu, Zhang Zhen Huan – will also be out to entertain the crowd. In addition, appearing on stage with Rebecca Lim are Elvin Ng, Jeffrey Xu and Zhang Zhen Huan, who star in Channel 8’s latest drama serial, Sealed with a Kiss, plus the cast of Channel 5 drama, TanglinNat Ho, Eswari Gunasagar, Elfaeza Ul Haq and Jae Liew.

The evening show will be hosted by 987FM deejays Gerald Koh and Joakim Gomez from the popular radio show, The Bro Code.

Carnival full of treats and attractions

The carnival booths run by NTU students and vendors feature a wide range of cuisines, games and fun activities for the whole family.

Making appearances at MediaCorp’s Toggle booth in the carnival are up-and-coming actresses Jayley Woo and Seraph Sun as well as actor Shaun Chen. Local comedians Alaric Tay and Chua Enlai from The Noose will also appear in character.

NTU Fest’s Gold Media Partner, The Straits Times, also has a booth at the NTU Fest carnival.

This is the second year that NTU Fest is being held. Last year’s inaugural event at the Padang attracted more than 8,000 people and featured a star-studded line-up headlined by K-pop stars Running Man’s Kang Gary and singer Jung In as well as MediaCorp artistes.

K-pop girl group Dal Shabet and MediaCorp celebrities headline NTU’s star-studded concert

Dalshabet (2)Dal Shabet (Photo provided by: NTU)

Singapore, 21 July 2015 – Dal Shabet, one of K-pop’s most popular girl groups and more than a dozen Mediacorp’s hottest stars and deejays will be performing at the Nanyang Technological University’s fiesta at the Marina Bay Promontory next month.

Open to the public, the free concert on 29 August is part of NTU Fest 2015, the university’s biggest student-run event. Comprising a day-long carnival, charity run and evening concert, the mega event marks the start of NTU’s new academic year and is part of the university’s celebration of the nation’s Golden Jubilee.

Dal Shabet is slated to perform some of their most popular songs at NTU Fest, including Joker, the title track from their latest EP Joker Is Alive, which has swiftly garnered more than 4.4 million views on YouTube since April this year.

The group is thrilled to perform in Singapore. They were first here in 2011 to make their maiden overseas appearance at Singapore’s Korean Music Wave concert.

Dal Shabet said, “University life holds our best memories of school, especially when we attend live concerts and have fun together. We’re very excited to be in Singapore performing for such a meaningful event and we will do our best to put up a good show for all our fans here. We hope everyone will come and support NTU Fest!”

President of the NTU Students’ Union, Ms Wu GuoYi, who initiated the first mega event last year, said, “We are really excited to have such high-powered celebrities devoting their time and talents to NTU Fest. This will certainly inspire our fellow student performers and volunteers to give their best. With a constellation of K-pop stars and MediaCorp artistes entertaining the crowd, this year’s NTU Fest concert will be an evening to remember.”

Platinum Media Partner MediaCorp contributes talents to NTU Fest

Launching the concert in the evening is Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education and Chairman of the Singapore50 (SG50) Steering Committee, who is expected to perform a National Day song, joined by the finalists of this year’s The Final 1.

Three of the Eight Dukes of Caldecott Hill – Shane Pow, Jeffrey Xu, and Zhang Zhen Huan – will add their star power for the occasion.

Elvin Ng, Jeffrey Xu and Zhang Zhen Huan, who are also among the cast of Channel 8’s new drama serial, Sealed with a Kiss, will be joined by award-winning actress Rebecca Lim on stage.

The young cast of Channel 5 drama, Tanglin, including Nat Ho, Eswari Gunasagar, Elfaeza Ul Haq, Charlie Goh and Jae Liew will also be sharing the spotlight with their Channel 8 counterparts.

With at least 199 episodes in the works, Tanglin is MediaCorp TV Channel 5’s first long-form English drama that centres on the lives of multi-racial and multi-generational families living in a middle income neighbourhood. This will be the first time that fans can get up close with the stars from the TV series since the show started last month.

Hosting the concert that evening are 987FM’s radio deejays Gerald Koh and Joakim Gomez, hosts of the zany show, The Bro Code. The 987FM Radio Star finalists will also be taking the stage.

“Music and performance have the power to bring people across generations and communities together, and we are delighted to support the NTU Fest through the participation of our artistes and personalities,” said Mr Lai Mun Dart, Head, Youth Segment, MediaCorp. “This is also an opportunity for us to support NTU students in a major initiative they are running. We’re truly impressed by their ideas, energy and drive to put together a great event for the community in a very special year for the nation.”

In addition to the Korean and MediaCorp stars, homegrown band District 12 will also be performing that evening.

Carnival promises fun for all

Earlier in the afternoon, Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat will flag off the 500m kid’s run.

The carnival booths run by NTU students and vendors feature a variety of cuisines, games and fun activities for all ages.

The Straits Times, the event’s Gold Media Partner, will also have a booth at the NTU Fest carnival.

NTU students will also showcase their diverse creativity and talent on stage in the afternoon, alongside local pop bands ORANGECOVE and The Paragoei.

This is the second year that NTU Fest is being organised. Last year’s inaugural event at the Padang was a success, attracting more than 8,000 people and featured a slew of MediaCorp artistes and headline acts – K-pop stars Running Man’s Kang Gary and singer Jung In.

For more information, follow the NTU Fest Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/ntufest.changemakers.

140816 Kang Gary and Jung In to perform at NTU Fest at The Padang

Kang Gary & Jung In 1

K-Pop stars to perform at NTU students’ fundraiser party at the Padang

Charity drive in aid of needy ITE students off to a flying start with $100,000 already in the bag

Two of K-Pop’s hottest stars – Running Man’s Kang Gary and singer Jung In – will perform one night in Nanyang Technological University’s extravaganza at the Padang on 16 August.

Organised by NTU students, NTU Fest, which is open to the public, aims to raise money for the ITE Endowment Fund for needy ITE students. The full-day event culminates in a special performance by Korean rapper Kang Gary, best known as one of the seven hosts of the hugely popular entertainment show Running Man.

The Festival’s organising chairperson Ms Wu Guo Yi, a final-year chemistry student, said, “Through NTU Fest, the public will experience up-close the vibrancy and energy of NTU students. This is truly a landmark event that demonstrates the best of what we NTU students can be, when we work together as one. The support by NTU students for ITE students will also foster closer ties and goodwill between our two institutions.”

“We are very encouraged by the strong support from NTU students and the community so far. As university students, we are privileged to receive a first-class education and we should do our best to give others a leg up too on their education journey. It’s important that we do what we can to help them overcome their financial obstacles,” she added.

Prior to the evening concert, Education Minister, Mr Heng Swee Keat, will officially launch the carnival at the Padang. Mr Heng will also flag off the 4.8-kilometre 5TYLO MILE-O Run, which will take participants through Singapore’s historic Civic District, starting from Esplanade Park along the Singapore River through Fort Canning Hill and back to the Padang.

K-pop stars performing their hit singles

Kang Gary and Jung In are expected to perform their latest hit single Your Scent as well as songs from their previous albums.

Gary, whose real name is Kang Hee-gun, has been active in the Korean hip-hop music scene since the 1990s. In 2002, he formed the rap group Leessang. Jung In debuted in their song Rush, which won the hip-hop music awards at the Mnet KM Music Video Festival that same year and their music video has already chalked up more than 1.2 million views on Youtube.

Many credited the perfect blend of their voices as a reason for the song’s success. This was also the beginning of Leessang’s long partnership with Jung In.

Gary is a household name, mainly due to his appearances on Running Man, a monster hit worldwide which started in 2010. When he and Jung In released their new collaborative single Your Scent in May this year, they not only raced up the charts, but also topped the trending topics of the day on Weibo, China’s Twitter-Facebook hybrid.

Inspiring the community

NTU Fest kicks off the University’s new academic year and will be the highlight of the Freshman Welcome Week. Themed Seeing Beyond Yourself, it aims to showcase the diverse creative talents at NTU, and to inspire students to surpass themselves and contribute to the community.

Proceeds from the sale of the carnival coupons and 5TYLO MILE-O run which costs $10 to register, will go towards the Institute of Technical Education, which the student organisers have chosen as the event’s beneficiary. The funds raised will go towards the institute’s Endowment Fund which provides financial assistance to needy ITE students.

Even before the race is flagged off, the students have already raised $100,000 and they are highly optimistic that they will raise even more in the weeks leading up to the event day.

Commending the students, NTU Provost, Prof Freddy Boey said, “This festival is a great way for our students to take the lead by being role models for current and future NTU students to care for our community by raising money for needy ITE students. I hope this will inspire NTU, ITE and other students in Singapore, and spur them to achieve their best potential.”

Student groups from both NTU and ITE will be running the carnival booths, where attendees can expect a wide variety of local and international cuisine, games and fun activities for the whole family.

Organisations and the public wishing to support the NTU students in this fundraising extravanganza can contact the student organizers.

“We are very grateful to have the support of partners and sponsors such as Hong Leong Finance, Mediacorp, The Straits Times and Abwin Pte Ltd.

“We hope to get more sponsors and donors in the next few weeks so please contact us if you are interested to be part of this meaningful event,” said Guo-Yi.

For more information, visit: www.ntu.edu.sg/ntufest.