Getting to know more about BTS before their upcoming concert in Hong Kong


BTS wants to take up the challenge of acting in Hong Kong martial arts movie? Read on to find out more! (Photo provided by: JACSO Entertainment)

14 July 2015, Hong KongBTS will be holding their last stop of their ‘2015 BTS Live Trilogy in Hong Kong: Episode II. The Red Bullet’ world tour at Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo, Arena on the 29th of August this year. Since it is BTS’ first solo concert in Hong Kong, the organisers, Sun Entertainment Culture (太陽娛樂) and JACSO Entertainment (加秀娛樂) have decided to let everybody know more about them through an exclusive interview.

When asked about what they would like to do in Hong Kong, Rap Monster, Suga and Jungkook mentioned that they are excited about the food in Hong Kong, especially the street food. They added that they have heard that Hong Kong is a food paradise and are really excited to try out the food when they are there. Suga exclaimed that he would like to eat Hong Kong fishballs (魚蛋) while Jungkook commented that he wanted to learn Wing Chun (a type of Chinese martial arts) from his idol, Donnie Yen (甄子丹 – a very famous Hong Kong actor; Martial arts artiste). Jungkook: “Donnie Yen is my idol, he is really handsome and cool!”. We do hope that he will have the chance to learn Wing Chun from Donnie Yen one day!

It is a well known fact that BTS can dance and sing well; are there any type of drama or variety shows that the BTS members are interested in and would like to attempt? Jimin immediated responded that he wants to try acting and all the members were very supportive of him. V and Jungkook mentioned that if they were given the chance, they would like to participate in a Hong Kong martial arts movie and assured that they will do their best in it.

It is BTS’ first solo concert in Hong Kong, but it is not their first visit as they have been there for MAMA. All the members stated that Hong Kong fans are very enthusiastic and Suga added on saying: “Especially the overflowing love from Hong Kong fans. It made me wonder why Hong Kong is the last stop of this tour? We should have come here earlier!”. Jin also conveyed that there were many Hong Kong fans who went to Seoul for their fansigns and that made him want to meet Hong Kong fans as soon as possible; and to perform for them.

All the members are born after the year 1990 and even though there is still some years before they all turn 25, what would be some goals or wishes they would like to accomplish before they turn 25? Regarding this question, the eldest member, Jin, said that he wants to travel with the members while he is still young, fit and healthy. With this, all the members agreed with this suggestion and stated that it has been a long time since they had the time to play/travel around.

The members seemed really close with one another and it is a surprise that they did not know each other before they formed BTS. The members added that they had a deep impression of V. Jin and Suga then teased V saying that in the past, V was very tanned and jokingly asked if he was wearing dark-brown socks today. Rap Monster comforted V by saying, “The reason why we have been improving is because of V!”. Jimin, the last member who joined BTS, said that he did not really have friends initially and added, “Thanks to V’s care and concern, I was able to adapt and be comfortable quickly so I am very grateful to him”. When asked about if they were awkward with one another when they stayed in the dorm together, they recalled that they were not awkward with each other but what really bothered them then were the number of mosquitoes in the dorm. Jin recalled: “It was the first time that I have seen so many mosquitoes, it was terrible.” Suga: ‘It was like a mosquito breeding ground!“.

BTS had debuted for 2 years and have been gaining popularity and recognition. To those who do not know who is BTS, how would you introduce yourself to them? J-Hope: “希望哥 (which literally means Hope Brother)”. Jimin: “Chim Chim”. Rap Monster: “Rap Mon!”. Jungkook would introduce himself using his original name, while Jin confidently said, “帥人 (which literally means handsome human’).” Suga: “閔Suga 天才 (which means Min Suga Genius).”. V: “V最型 (which means V-the-most fashionable)”. All the members of BTS were very interested in learning Cantonese and even asked the translator to teach them words such as ‘pretty girl’ and ‘I love you’. Hopefully they would be able to make use of what they have learnt during the concert!

Original press release in Chinese:專訪bts-最想挑戰香港武術電影/

We would like to thank JACSO Entertainment for providing us with the transcript of their interview with Bangtan Boys (BTS) and this press release. 

This press release has been translated into English for our readers. However, there might be some points whereby certain phrases and words may not be entirely accurate translated and fitting to describe what was said exactly. Nevertheless, we have tried our best to translate it as accurately as possible and do feel free to point out if we have missed out or mis-translated a certain point. Enjoy! 

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