[Article Coverage] Nam Ju Hyuk‘s Meeting with Hong Kong fans

Nam Ju Hyuk-1On 8th July 2015, Nam Ju Hyuk appeared at Landmark North (上水廣場) for his first ever fan meeting in Hong Kong. Fans who have missed him since his first visit to Hong Kong in 2014 for MAMA were able to catch a glimpse of this sauve actor during this fan meeting.

The popularity of Nam Ju Hyuk, who acted in ‘Who are you – School 2015’, was evident when the whole mall was crowded with his fans; trying to take a photo of him, getting his attention using creative self-made banners and cards.

He appeared to be rather shy and during the interview, he said that he was pleasantly surprised by the number of fans who came to see him for this event. He also mentioned during the interview that he became best friends with M.I.B band’s Kangnam through the show ‘I’m Going to School’. He added that due to their busy schedules, they were unable to meet recently.

Last but not least, Nam Ju Hyuk shared that he is in the midst of preparing for a new drama and hope everybody will anticipate it. Fans of Nam Ju Hyuk do stay tune for his upcoming works!

Article by: Lau Wing Kam
Photo taken by: Fok Wing Lam

We would like to thank SMILES Production (笑聲製作有限公司) and Landmark North (上水廣場)for extending the invitation to StarArena to cover this event. 


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