ATTACK ON TITAN Achieved Extraordinary results at Singapore Box Office

Singapore, 17th August 2015   –   Japanese live-action blockbuster ATTACK ON TITAN did extremely well over its opening week. Together with its sneaks over the 5-day National Day holiday, the current gross box office (as at Sunday, 16 August) amounted to over half a million at S$513,809. It is a phenomenal success, considering that the movie opens amidst strong competition and is only screened at 15 locations island-wide. Box office results of ATTACK ON TITAN is almost on par with the highly popular DEATH NOTE during the latter’s initial release back in 2006. Golden Village Pictures and Encore Films are confident that ATTACK ON TITAN will continue to do well as it moves into the second week.

“We are very happy with the stunning sneaks result and the opening ticket sales. The word of mouth is superb among the local audience. ATTACK ON TITAN proves to be one of the few great Asian blockbusters in recent years,” said Joyce Lee, Managing Director of Encore Films. “We are happy to partner Golden Village Pictures in bringing such quality movies to the Singapore audience.”

Starring multiple sought-after young stars such as Haruma Miura and Kiko Mizuhara, and directed by the world renowned Shinji Higuchi (who also directed “The Sinking of Japan”), ATTACK ON TITAN tells the story of a dystopic world where giant man-eating creatures called Titans appear and threaten to destroy all of humanity. Protagonist Eren, together with his friends join the Survey Corps in a bid to save their own kind, reclaim their homeland and above all, restore mankind’s honour and freedom.

The sequel, ATTACK ON TITAN II: End of the World, will be released in Japan on 19 September. It is set to open in Singapore on 24 September. Part II of the movie revolves around Eren’s mysterious past, and the Survey Corps’ final battle against the Titans.

ATTACK ON TITAN is co-distributed by Encore Films and Golden Village Pictures in Singapore.

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