Joo Won shared a time he accidentally snored in front of Kim Tae Hee at Gang Doctor’s Meet and Greet in Singapore

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Photo credits: ONE

Top Korean actor Joo Won and fresh-faced actress Park Hye Su came to Singapore for a meet and greet titled “A Date with Joo Won” on October 11th to promote their new drama, Gang Doctor which is set to appear on ONE. The meet and greet, which was held at Suntec City mall garnered over 3,000 fans of different age groups as the venue was filled and some, even decked on the second and third floor, all trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite artists.

The meet and greet started off with the ever beautiful Park Hye Su singing the OST for Gang Doctor, Only Remember Me. Park Hye Su, who was a contestant in Kpop Star 4, was already well-known for having a really beautiful voice hence it was no surprise that she would lend her voice for her debut drama official soundtrack.
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Photo credits:  ONE

As soon as her short performance was over, the whole venue was filled with applause as fans started cheering. The short performance was then accompanied by a mini interview session.

When asked how was it like working with Joo Won on her first ever drama, Hye Su shared that he has been a huge help throughout every scene. “I’m glad that he was there with me at the start of my acting career and I am going to treasure him so much.” She also added that Joo Won felt like her real brother off-screen as he was very caring and considerate towards her all the time.

The meet and greet then was filled with even more screaming and applause as Joo Won finally appeared on stage. He shared his amazement as he admitted, “I wasn’t expecting a huge crowd here! But please remember to take care of yourself.” Joo Won was truly a nice guy as he feared for the safety of his fans.

Gang Doctor proved to be a success in South Korea as it was the first drama in two years to ever hit such huge ratings of surpassing the 20% ratings since My Love from The Star. Not to mention that it is the top drama in Singapore as well, proving its global success. Joo Won shared his excitement and state that he is very thankful with the turn-out. “Seeing all of you here, I feel that I should come to Singapore more often!”

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Photo credits: ONE

Joo Won then shared one very memorable moment acting alongside South Korea’s most popular actress, Kim Tae Hee. “There was one scene which involved me lying on the hospital bed and I ended up falling asleep. Not only did I fell asleep, I also accidentally started snoring next to Tae Hee, which was very embarrassing!”, Joo Won shared causing uproars of laughter amongst his fans.

He also exclaimed that he would love to try a hand at hosting a radio show. Being a man who has tried both acting and singing, Joo Won showed that he is willing to go through new experiences and try something different. Joo Won should definitely try his hand at hosting a radio show, I’m sure his fans would love to tune in!

It was then time for three really lucky fans to go up on stage as they were able to either get a long hug with Joo Won, experience an eye-to-eye moment or a selfie with Joo Won taken from their phones! As the three lucky fans hug, have eye contact and take a picture with Joo Won, it definitely brought a lot of envy to the rest of the fans who were not picked. Joo Won however still managed to give fan service to the rest of the fans as he shoot hearts to the crowd and waved whenever he can.

The meet and greet then ended off with an autograph session with lucky fans that got to go home with a freshly signed posters by both Joo Won and Park Hye Su as well as group photograph sessions. Joo Won then wrapped up by thanking the crowd once again and exclaiming how his experience in Singapore was really wonderful. Hye Su ended off by promoting her debut drama, “Please continue to show lots of love and support to Gang Doctor!”

They then left the venue with the crowd screaming “I love you Joo Won! I love you Hye Su!” showing the great enthusiasm and support from the fans despite the fact that some of them were there as early as 8am. During the whole fan meet between 7pm and 9pm, #DrJooWon even trended to the number 1 spot on twitter!

Viewers who might have missed the first telecast of Gang Doctor can catch the encore broadcast, with two episodes back-to-back, every Saturday, 4.30pm on ONE, starting 7 November 2015. ONE is available in Singapore on Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and Starhub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823.

More photos of Joo Won and Park Hye Su at the fan meet:

Article by: Ayuni

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