Joo Won talks about puberty and what he regrets most in his teenage years in “A date with Joo Won” Press Conference

'A Date With Joo Won' -1

Singapore, 2015 – The main leads of South Korean, number one drama, Gang Doctor, met up with the media for an exclusive press conference on October 11th held at Grand Park Orchard, to promote their hit drama on ONE.

Joo Won and Park Hye Su entered the conference room with full of smiles as they start waving to the cameras and media who were present. Since it was his first time in Singapore, Joo Won started off the press conference by exclaiming how beautiful and refreshing he thinks Singapore is. Hye Su, however, have been to Singapore before with her family and shared that she is glad to be back.

Park Hye Su was a contestant in Kpop Star 4 and debuted as an actress in Gang Doctor as Joo Won’s on-screen sister. Their on-screen relationship as brother and sister evidently shows even off-screen as Hye Su shared that, “Joo Won has been a great support and has provided me with so many advices and help throughout the drama.” Hye Su also recalled her very first scene with Joo Won, and how Joo Won helped to make the scene more comfortable and acted like her real brother. Joo Won also state that “Hye Su’s role is very important to the character that I played, because whatever my character does revolve around her and she did a really good job!”
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Joo Won had been involved in lots of different scenes throughout his acting career. When asked what was his most difficult scene in Gang Doctor, Joo Won laughed and shared that, “In Gang Doctor, out of 60 scenes in an episode, more than 50 scenes involves me, so it was physically and mentally tiring for me.” He also revealed a particular dangerous scene where he had to drive without proper vision since there were so many cameras around him. Even though he had to go through a whole lot of dangerous scenes, he still enjoyed filming action scenes.

Even though Joo Won had acted in various different roles before Gang Doctor, he has acted as a doctor before in his other hit drama, Good Doctor. He shared that, “Although I played a doctor in both dramas, the character between the two are very different and they have different background and circumstances too. So I do not feel as if I’m acting in the same role since the two roles are very different even though they are both doctors.” Joo Won brought laughs to the audience as he shared how he swore off medical dramas after Good Doctor since he felt very pressured memorising the technical terms, but ended up doing another medical drama, Gang Doctor.

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Both Joo Won and Hye Su was then asked a very interesting question of what advice would they give their 15-year-old selves, which made Joo Won laugh. He snickered as he recalled his self almost 14 years ago. He then shared how, “There was a very important sports event back in 2000 which was the World Cup and I remember the whole country talking about it. Unfortunately, I was going through my puberty then, so I only remember it being dark times.”, bringing laughs to everyone again. He then added on that he should probably have paid more attention to the World Cup since he remembered it to be such a big deal. Hye Su however remembered the regret of not spending more time with her family, “I remember only going out with my friends and neglecting my family so I would like to advice all 15-year-olds to remember to spend more time with your family!”

Since Hye Su have tried her hands in both acting and singing, she weighed the difference in both fields. She states that “I feel more vulnerable when I act as compared to when I sing because I have to be more aware of my emotions.” She also added that when she acts, all the emotions in her face would be reflected on the screen so she feels that she would have to control her emotions better as opposed to singing. Park Hye Su-4During the course of production of Gang Doctor, it was well known that Joo Won had lost 7 kilograms as well as lost lots of sleep. He assured the audience that he has been taking care of his health well since the drama has ended. He also added that “I usually gain all my weight back after a production so I’ve been trying to control and balance my diet better.”

Moon Joo Won and Park Hye Su ended the press conference by asking everyone to give lots of love to Gang Doctor and to continue to support them. Hye Su exclaimed, “Please give me more love and support as I continue to improve myself in acting!” Joo Won also thanked everyone for coming and for sacrificing the time to come for the press conference.

Viewers who might have missed the first telecast of Gang Doctor can catch the encore broadcast, with two episodes back-to-back, every Saturday, 4.30pm on ONE, starting 7 November 2015. ONE is available in Singapore on Singtel TV Ch 513, 604 and Starhub TV Ch 124, 820 and 823.

More press conference photos:

Article by: Ayuni
Photos by: Carmen


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