K.R.Y. Asia Tour 2015 -Phonograph- in Hongkong

KRY Phonograph in Hong Kong-1

Hongkong, 2015 – Super Junior K.R.Y., consisting of Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, successfully completed their Hong Kong concert ‘Super Junior K.R.Y. Asia Tour -Phonograph- in Hongkong’ on December 26, which coincidentally is Boxing day.

The concert kick started off with each member’s solo performance, starting with Kyuhun’s 花木水. Ryeowook sang Coagulation with a red umbrella in hand and Yesung with Let’s Not. 

Next, while performing My love, My kiss, My heart and …ing KRY walked towards the front stage in order to get closer to the fans and the atmosphere of the concert hall immediately heated up.

During the talking segment, Ryeowook began his introduction by reciting all the Cantonese words he had written down on the little note he brought onto stage. Kyuhyun added saying, ‘I love you guys’, ‘I missed you guys’ and ‘You guys are my sweethearts’ in Cantonese. He mentioned that even though some fans were seated quite far back in the concert hall, he could still see them.  When it was Yesung’s turn, he told the fans that he haven’t been to Hongkong for a very long time and the previous time was during 2012’s MAMA.

Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment Hong Kong

The trio then proceeded with Lunar Eclipse. The stage turned into a grand waterfall and with the moon as the backdrop, it created a wonderful atmosphere in the concert hall.

Next up was Yesung’s solo stage time. He prepared 2 songs for the fans. During his performance, ELFs raised the banners they had prepared beforehand to show their support and love for Yesung. Yesung also mentioned that these 2 songs are his self-composed song and he thanked the audience with Thank you in Cantonese and he hoped everyone will like it.

Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment Hong Kong

The crowd cheered when it was Kyuhyun’s turn to take the stage with She says. Kyuhyun mentioned that it was his first time singing A million pieces in Hongkong and thanked the fans for their support with their orange light sticks.

Next was Ryeowook’s solo stage. Taking out the notes he had prepared earlier, he told the fans in Cantonese that he had prepared a song for the fans and that he love them.

He then began to sing a Cantonese song, 命硬. The fans began to sing along with Ryeowook and the atmosphere was magical. Kyuhyun also joined to sing the last part of the song.

Photo credits: Dream Maker Entertainment Hong Kong

Then, KRY then sat in the middle of the stage and performed Someday. When they were singing Our Love, Yesung gave Kyuhyun a hug. Ryeowook, then cutely gave Yesung a heart.

When performing Good Person, the members even took out wind charms to go with the music.

When was played during the concert VCR, the fans screamed excitedly as it was an old song of Super Junior’s.

The fans prepared a sea of white light sticks during KRY’s performance of Dorothy and the members were touched, and thanked the fans for the support.

During Encore, the members wore headbands with Christmas elfs on it, enhancing the festive mood and sang From U, We can and The One I Love. 


Before the end of the concert, Yesung mentioned that they will definitely come back to Hong Kong once again. Kyunhyun mentioned that the time passed too fast and it felt more like the beginning rather than the end. He added in Cantonese saying ‘Better dont forget me’, ‘I love you guys’ and also asked ELFs to dress warmly.

Ryeowook, took out his notes and addressed the fans ‘ Hello everyone in HongKong, I really like you guys a lot. Because there are a lot of memories here, we had our photo shoot here and every time we are here, we feel warm and happy. The fans in Hongkong better not forget me and please support us, I really really love you guys.’ Although the audio wasnt really clear at certain parts of his speech we believe all ELFs could feel his sincerity and the message that the KRY was trying to bring across.

Super Junior K.R.Y 2015 Asia Tour’s next stop will be held in Jakarta on January 2nd 2016.

For more photos of this concert, check out our FB page, https://www.facebook.com/StarArenaHD/.

Chinese text:
Hongkong, 2015 – KRY Asia tour in Hong Kong 在2015的boxing day完滿落幕。
以三位成員的solo開場,先是圭賢的花木水,麗旭更撐著紅傘出場唱出coagulation,然後是藝聲的let’s not。
接著三位在合唱my love my kiss my heart 和…ing 的時候走上前舞台,更接近歌迷並炒熱現場氣氛。
自我介紹環節時,先由麗旭拿出小抄照著讀,大show廣東話,接著是圭賢的廣東話「我愛你地」「我好掛住你地」 「你地係我既心肝寶貝」還說就算歌迷坐好後面都能看到歌迷們。到藝聲自我介紹時,說好久沒來香港,對上一次來是2012年的MAMA。
圭賢唱她說時,全場尖叫。圭賢表示第一次在香港唱 A million pieces,感謝elf亮起橙色燈應援。
唱our love 時,藝聲更擁抱了一下圭賢,麗旭扮花表現了可愛的一面,還和藝旭比heart。
在唱Good person成員更拿出風鈴伴奏。
唱Love disease時,燈光跟著節奏變換角度,令歌曲更有氣勢。
在Encore時,成員換上有聖誕氣氛的頭飾為elf帶來from u,we can和the one I love。
圭賢說今晚的時間太快,像是剛開始。用廣東說「唔好唔記得我」「 我愛你地 」用普通話 叫elf「多穿衣服」
麗旭又是拿出小抄,準備了長長一段的廣東話,內容大概是說:「香港大家好,我真係好中意你地,因為有好多回憶,又黎過香港拍寫真, 每次來香港都好溫暖同開心,香港既fans唔好唔記得我,要多多支持我地,我真係好愛你地。」雖然有些沒太聽懂聽清楚,但他們認真可愛的心意相信在場的elf都收到了。

另外,Super Junior-K.R.Y. 將於1月2日在印尼雅加達繼續開唱,舉辦演唱會「SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. ASIA TOUR Phonograph in Jakarta」。

Article by: Andrea
Photos by: Andrea, Wai Yee, Dream Maker Entertainment Hong Kong

We would like to thank DreamMaker Entertainment Hong Kong for the invitation to cover this concert.


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