Fans celebrate Yoseob’s birthday at BEAST Beautiful Show China Tour 2015-2016 Guangzhou

Official photo provided by JACSO Entertainment

China, 2016 – The second stop of BEAST’s Beautiful Show China Tour 2015-2016 was held at the Guangzhou Stadium (2 Jan 2016). It definitely displayed BEAST’s popularity in China as this particular stop was sold out, similar to the one held in Shanghai on December 2015. Dressed in red and black checkered suits, the 6 members of BEAST kicked started the concert with YeY, which led to screams and cheers from the audience, followed by We up, Dance with U, Gotta go to work.

The specially designed stages for BEAST’s Beautiful Show China Tour 2015-2016 was carefully designed and produced by a renowned producer, Joseph-Croducer-Kwon. He made use of the colour red, to create unique and remarkable stages effects, complementary to the Chinese culture.

This stop of the tour attracted 3000 fans and during the concert, the members expressed their happiness with fluent Mandarin phrases such as ‘Beautiful ladies’, ‘I love you’ and ‘Very touched’. Dongwoon also used mandarin to introduce his age to the audience, eliciting laughter from the fans.

Official photo provided by JACSO Entertainment

In the midst of the concert, the members each prepared an individual performance stage for the fans. Hyunseung, accompanied by a female dancer performed, 걔랑헤어져  and 니가처음이야 . Dongwoon sang a song called, Did, which was a song that he planned but did not get to sing on ‘King of Mask Singer’. He also changed the last sentence of the song to ‘I Love You’, making the fans scream. Junhyung appeared to have made special preparation for these series of concerts in China, as he appeared with pandas while he was singing Found you. He also mentioned that panda is symbolic of China and that it is also an icon of love. Yoseob then took the stage with 그대는 모르죠 and Look at Me Now. Dressed in red and white suits respectively, Doojoon and Gikwang sang Without you. During the climax of the song, they were having so much fun to the point that Doojoon piggybacked Gikwang and ran around the stage, making the fans laugh at their cuteness.

beastingz_2Official photo provided by JACSO Entertainment

At the second half of the concert, BEAST performed several of their hit songs such as Fiction, Shadow, Beautiful Night, Good Luck and many more. Nearing the end of the concert, the fans prepared a surprise birthday celebration for Yoseob. When the birthday cake was delivered on stage, all 3000 fans present raised birthday banners and sang the birthday song in unison, making Yoseob pleasantly surpised. He then said, ‘I am really touched, really touched, I was really surprised that you guys even prepared the birthday cake, thank you everybody for the surprise!’. After the concert, Yoseob updated his Instagram and expressed his gratitude for the surprise that the fans prepared for him.


All the members were reluctant to leave as the end of the concert drew nearer. Doojoon expressed his grateful feelings to the fans and thanked them for all their support and for staying beside them all these while. He also hoped that they (BEAST and fans) will be together for a long time. BEAST also mentioned that they will be attending ‘微博之夜’ ceremony in Beijing on 7th January 2016. Hyunseung also added that he will be opening a Weibo account really soon, which made the fans really excited upon hearing this news. BEAST then ended the concert with ‘Encore’, with the fans holding up the banner that say ‘會一起守護’ (which means to protect together).

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