‘Infinite Effect’ in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, 2016 – INFINITE, one of the hottest boy group in K­­orea gave Hong Kong Inspirits an exciting performance on 31st January 2016 at Asia World Expo. They kick started their concert, ‘2015 INFINITE 2nd WORLD TOUR INFINITE EFFECT’, with explosive hits like Before the dawn, Paradise and Be mine.

During the self-introduction segment, each member used fluent Cantonese to introduce themselves and Hoya who spoke fluently in English, resulted in huge cheers among the fans.

After Destiny and Tic Toc was the second talking segment where Infinite asked Inspirits if they liked the album, Reality, which was released last year. They added on that they wanted to write more and better songs for the fans and hope that for the next album, it could be produced together with inspirits. The following song after the speech segment was dedicated to the fans: Love Letter.


All members walked to the extended stage and threw their signed coloured paper planes to lucky inspirits.

Next up was Everyday, fans present started to raise the slogan which read ‘Woo Hyun Happy Birthday’.

When it was time for Sorry I’m busy by Infinite H, atmosphere heated up. Hoya and Dong Woo showcased their rap skills respectively at each side of the stage. Dong Woo even removed his jacket, leaving only his tank top on, gaining all the screams from the fans. What came up next was Pretty; Dong Woo demonstrated a difficult dance choreography, bringing the excitement and tension to a whole new level.

Everyone raised a yellow slogan when it was time for Infinite’s leader, Sung Gyu’s stage to perform Kontrol.

Infinite F, which consist of L, Sung Jong, Sung Yeol was dressed in polka dotted jackets while performing Heart Beat, making them as cute as the style of the song. During the song, Sung Jong even carried Sung Yeol and the three of them each took a basket of dolls and gave it to the fans.

Dong Woo mentioned that his parents was present at the concert. He also added that the song Sorry I’m busy that they performed was composed and written by Hoya. Hoya requested the fans to wait a little longer for his next work! Sung Gyu also hope that everyone would like the Solo album <Kontrol> that he released last year.

L added that next time when they are back in Hong Kong, they will be performing something new for Inspirits in Hong Kong. Hoya also mentioned that Hong Kong fans are really passionate.

Next up were songs which were light and fast paced, Nothing’s Over, Entrust, Cover girl and Moon Light.

A birthday cake was prepared for Woo Hyun as it would be his birthday soon. That made him really touched and happy. After the birthday celebration segment, Infinite perform their all time fast hits, Back, The Chaser and Bad. 

Before encore, inspirit keep on screaming 돌아와 (meaning to come back in korean). And of course, Infinite came back to take the stage, looking even better than before with suits. While everyone was singing Together, Inspirits raise their slogans. Sung Gyu even used Cantonese to wish everyone Happy Lunar new Year and to have a prosperous year ahead.

All members bowed hand in hand and thanked all the fans at the concert, marking the end of another unforgettable concert for both Infinite and fans in Hong Kong.

Article content by: Andrea
Translated by: Yu Shan


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