Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon at Absolute New York Promotion in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2016 – Kim Hyo Yeon, a member of the popular Korean girl group Girls’ Generation graced the opening of Absolute New York on 8th of July this year. The heat from the sun did not diminish fans’ desire to meet their favourite idol and numerous fans were at the venue hoping to catch a glimpse of Girls’ Generation’s Dancing Queen. This is the first time Hyoyeon is promoting and endorsing a brand by herself. Once she showed up at the venue, fans cheered her on with a loud ‘I love you Hyoyeon’ in Korean. Hyoyeon was glad to see her fans at the venue and responded with a heart sign.

During the opening ceremony, there was a huge eyeshadow set beside the brand, Hyoyeon took the giant eye brush and posed for a few photos for the media. She also shared her beauty make up tips with everyone at the venue, mentioning that for different occasions, her make up would be very different. She also suggest that if one would like to appear cute, one can use more pink, and for a cooler look, one can go for smoky makeup.

During the fan interaction segment, 30 members of the public were chosen to play some games with Hyoyeon and among them, one had the chance to take a selca with Hyoyeon herself. Hyoyeon also presented the winners with small gifts before the end of the game segment.

During the interview with the reporters, Hyoyeon introduced herself while saying, ‘Hi everyone’, ‘I am Hyoyeon’ in Cantonese and received screams and cheers from the fans! When being asked which part of her is the most attractive, she replied saying that she often hear that she is the prettiest when she smiles and so she thinks that it could be her smile.

Hyoyeon was also asked who in Girls’ Generation does she think is the prettiest without any make up. Regarding this, she mentioned that all the members are really pretty barefaced but if she really have to choose, she would think it is Sooyoung.

With regard to the delicacies in Hong Kong, Hyoyeon mentioned that she really love steamboat, dimsum and egg tarts. She added that even though she is in Korea most of the time and she couldn’t come to Hong Kong often, every time that she is here, she received a lot of love and support from the passionate Hong Kong fans and that made her really happy. With that, she concluded ceremony with a last pose for the media and waved to the fans before leaving the venue.

Article by: Andrea
Photos and video by: Johnathan


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