EXID’s unforgettable night with Taiwan LEGGOs

Taiwan, 2016 – On 25th September 2016,  Korean girl group EXID, arrived in taiwan for a fan meet ‘EXID 2016 LEGGO WORLD in Taiwan’ at Taipei International Convention Center. EXID, consisting of Solji, LE, Hani, Hyelin and Junghwa, arrived in Taiwan on the day itself and were surprised by the numerous welcoming fans at the airport awaiting their arrival.

At the fan meet, EXID performed numerous hit songs such as ‘UP & DOWN‘, ‘HOT PINK‘ and ‘CREAM‘, which has not been performed before in previous performance stages. EXID then played several games among themselves during the game segment and also with the fans, which enabled them to interact closely with Taiwan LEGGOs.

Not only did EXID have the opportunity to meet their fans, the fans also had the chance to understand the members more through the games and interactive segments. At the end, EXID also personally gave out merchandise and autographed ‘HOT PINK’ albums to the fans who were present at the fan meet, making this fan meet an even more unforgettable one.

More pictures of EXID at this event: https://flic.kr/s/aHskHNKGnh

We would like to thank So,Zoo Entertainment for the invitation to this event!
Photos by: 奕棠

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