Kim So Hyun shares her favourite scene from Bring It On, Ghost


Singapore, 2016 – The main lead of South Korean popular drama, Bring It On, Ghost met up with the media and some lucky fans for an exclusive press conference on September 30th to talk more about the drama (the full series is currently available on Viu for free).

Dressed in a lovely blue dress, Kim So Hyun expressed her excitement in being in Singapore for the first time. She exclaimed, “I was so surprised at all the warm welcome at the airport and I am so honoured to be here today.” As this was her first time in Singapore, it is no surprise that she is most looking forward to tasting the famous chili crab.

The young actress started acting at a tender age of 7 years old and has made a name for herself as one of the top young actresses in Korea. When asked how does it feel like starting as a child actress, she said she felt very grateful for all the opportunities she has received. “This drama acts as a transition role from being a child actress to playing a leading role. This is only the beginning and I have a long way to go in being a good actress.” Showing her humble thoughts on her acting career.

As Kim So Hyun is transitioning herself from being a child actress to a female actress, there has been a lot of firsts for her when shooting this drama. This is her first time having a role of someone energetic and fun. It is also her first kissing scene! When asked if she has faced a lot of difficulties, she shared, “It was a lot more challenging than she first thought it would be. All the emotions like having to act cute are very different from what she is normally used to. But as the days goes by, I felt more at ease and started enjoying my character more.”


Bring It On, Ghost is a supernatural drama and Kim So Hyun plays a spirit who later becomes the best aid of an exorcist (played by Ok Taec Yeon). Since the drama has lots of ghost appearance, everyone was wondering if there are any supernatural encounters when filming the drama. Kim So Hyun laughed and shared, “One day there was a scene where the scripter could hear a low humming sound of a female voice through the headphone. And the sound can only be heard through the headphone. It was very creepy and everyone was scared to go home at night after that.”

She also shared that she is not a big fan of horror dramas and try to avoid it as much as she can. “If I ever see a ghost I think I’ll faint immediately!” Bringing in lots of laughter from the audience.


Kim So Hyun has only good things to say about her co-star, 2PM’s Ok Taec Yeon. At the press conference, she shared that they have really good chemistry together. “Taec Yeon is always full of energy and cheerful, he will instantly light up the scene wherever he goes. It was very enjoyable shooting the drama with him.” She further shared, “I really love the cherry blossom scene, where Bong Pal and I were sitting on a bench in school, with the flowers falling behind us. It creates a really beautiful scene!

When a particular scene where she had to sit on Taec Yeon as he did push-ups was mentioned, the young actress instantly started blushing and laughed. “I was a little concern when we had to film that scene. I felt very bad for him and I was afraid I was going to hurt him. However, since it is once in a lifetime opportunity, I tried to enjoy it as much as I can.”


As this drama was a transition for herself in becoming a female actress, she would like to have an opportunity to act in a romantic comedy in the future. She also mentioned that she would love to act with Yoo Seung Ho again after acting alongside him in the drama “Missing You”.

Moving forward, Kim So Hyun would like to take the time to focus on her school work as well as having some personal time with people close to her.

At the end of the press conference, Kim So Hyun took photos with 10 lucky Viu Premium Subscribers who also had the exclusive opportunity to meet the actress in person at the press conference.

Don’t forget to catch Kim So Hyun at Plaza Singapura tomorrow, 1st October (Saturday) from 2pm for her first ever fan meet in Singapore.

Article By: Ayuni

If you have not watched Bring It On, Ghost you can catch all the episodes on the Viu app which is available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Or you may access it via web Register an account with your facebook or email address to enjoy the Free Viu features outlined above.

We would like to thank Viu for the invitation to attend this press conference.

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