SH Cup 2016 – A Blossoming Friendship of Two Countries Through a Heated Match

SH Cup 2016 6.jpgJakarta, 2016FC Men finally landed in Indonesia! This time round, Korean celebrities, who are also avid fans of soccer, came to Indonesia for a friendly match against Indonesia’s Selebriti FC on SH Cup 2016 organised by SH Entertainment. Held at the Patriot Candrabhaga Stadium Bekasi on 5 November, FC Men had proven their impeccable soccer skills during the match.

SH Cup 2016 10.jpg

Xia Junsu, Beast‘s Doojoon, Beast‘s Gikwang and Bigstar‘s Sunghak, alongside other FC Men players were living up the 90 minute match. Loud cheers of fan girls can be heard throughout the match, for both Selebriti FC and for the FC Men players.

The match began with both countries’ national anthem at 7pm sharp. Led by Gikwang, during the first half, FC Men got their first goal through Vicky Nitinegoro’s own goal, and obtain their second goal from Lee Sigang.

SH Cup 2016 18.jpg

Their goals didn’t stopped there, as Kim Eunhu scored two goals and Bigstar’s Sunghak scored the last one during the second half of the heated match. On the other side, Selebritis FC also scored three goals, two from Rifky Alhabsyi and one from Darius Sinathrya.

SH Cup 2016 1.jpg

The score remained at 5:3 until the final whistle, signalling the win for FC men. Both teams saluted the audiences for coming to see them and cheering for them throughout the match.

SH Cup 2016 162.jpg

SH Cup 2016 92.jpgIt was a heated match and both FC Men and Selebritis FC enjoyed 2 times 45 minutes’ together at a soccer field.

FC Men members:
Xia Junsu, Doojoon ‘Beast’, Gikwang ‘Beast’, Seyong ‘My Name’, Sunghak ‘Big Star’, Kiu ‘K-Much’, Lee Sigang, Baek Seunghun, Kim Young, Wally, Jo Wanho, Lim Jay, Kang Hansol, Choi Yongin, Oh Minseok, Kang Ho, Kim Eunhu, and Seo Kyungjong.

Selebritis FC members:
Ricky Harun, Ben Kasyafani, Iko Uwais, Darius Sinathrya, Vennard Hutabarat, Said Bajuri, Ophan Lamara, Treas Oky, Iwan Saktiawan, Pepen, Rendra Soedjono, Rifky Al Habsyi, Yan Rosyad, Nuralim, Valentino Simanjuntak, and Vicky Nitinegoro.

Check out more pictures of SH Cup 2016 here: 161105 SH Cup 2016

Article by: Annisaa F.
Edited by: HY

We would like to thank SH Entertainment for the invitation to cover this event!

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