Early Christmas with Park Bo Gum in Hong Kong!

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Hong Kong, 2016 – Hong Kong fans had an early Christmas on the 12th of December with friendly and warm Park Bo Gum at his fan meeting in Hong Kong! This isn’t Bo Gum’s first visit to Hong Kong as he has previously graced Hong Kong with his appearance during MAMA this year. Park Bo Gum spent a lot of effort and heart into preparing this Hong Kong fan meeting and he was also the one who came up with the name ‘Oh! Happy Day”. The fan meeting was held for a full 3 hours and a hi-5 session to mark the end of the fan meeting. Posters and postcards were also given to the fans who attended the fan meet!

Undisclosed photos and popular scenes from dramas such as ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Love In The Moon’ was also shown during the fan meeting. He picked a few lucky fans to have a re-enactment of the scenes in the dramas and he even brought his costume along with him! One could easily tell the amount of effort and heart he put in preparing the fan meeting!

Playing the piano while singing Christmas carol Winter Wonderland was one of the talent he demonstrated. While performing 보라빛 향기 (Violent fragrance), he clapped to the rhythm and gave out flying kisses to the fans and it was indeed adorable.

Park Bo Gum then wore a reindeer hair accessory while singing Jingle bell. During the segment of sampling various delicacy from Hong Kong, he fed fans with the bento that he made personally!

For the final stage of the game segment, Park Bo Gum wore a traditional Chinese costume and danced to Boomastic. Fans even dance along!

Park Bo Gum was touched by the fan video and he teared. He said that he is really thankful to the fans and his sincerity touched the fans as well, making them tear too. One can easily see that Park Bo Gum is nice to everyone, including the staff who helped to prepare this event.

Lastly he prepared a mandarin song titled Tian Mi Mi and a letter for all the fans who attended the fan meeting. Fans gave support by raising their light sticks and joining him while he sings. A true heart-warming sight for all.

Article content by: Chan Po Ching
Photo by: Lam Chak Ho

Official Photos by : Blossom Entertainment

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