Viu partners popular DIA TV by CJ E&M to launch free bite- sized lifestyle content starring Internet’s top K-culture influencers

(School of K-beauty, K-ook up a Storm, Annyeonghaseyo, ahjumma! – Photo credits: Viu)

Singapore, 2016 – Named as one of the online trends to watch in 2017, the popularity of short-form videos is predicted to explode over the coming year, thanks to the growth of short- form and live video content on social apps and online video platforms. Globally, people are consuming digital video content in increasing numbers. Based on an April 2016 report from Nielsen, 65% of internet users worldwide are watching video-on-demand (VOD), including both short-form and long- form content.

To bring this next wave of bite-size storytelling to viewers in the region, Viu has partnered DIA TV, Korea’s largest network of digital content creators operated by broadcaster CJ E&M, to launch entertaining short-form content under a new Lifestyle Bites category on its platform. More than 150 short-form videos produced by 20 of Internet’s top K-culture influencers, such as Korean beauty guru Ssin and food enthusiast EJ recipe, will be available for free on Viu from today.

With new uploads every week, Viu brings together onto one convenient platform the best short-form videos that will give you the lowdown on all things trending, from beauty, food, pop culture and more! Moving forward, Viu is also looking at collaborations with DIA TV’s content creators to produce its own original content.

These videos are available for free on or the Viu mobile app, alongside its extensive catalogue of popular Korean dramas and variety shows, Japanese dramas and Thai content.

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