IU concluded her Hong Kong concert with a perfect note

Photo credits: SGE

Hong Kong, 2016 – On 16th December 2016, Korean female singer, IU, put up a great performance at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

 Before the commencement of the concert, there were several support items placed on the seats of various sections and there were also several flower baskets sent to the venue to provide support for IU. In particular, there was a huge flower basket sent by Andy Lau, a popular Hong Kong singer and actor, who wished IU all the best for her upcoming performance.  

 IU started off the concert wearing a red one-piece dress and sang <23>, followed by <Queen> and <Pierrot Smiles at Us>. After these 3 songs, she then used cantonese to greet the audience. 

During the talk segment, IU mentioned that she is really nervous and worried about how the concert will turn out and also the response she will get. But of course, she is reassured when the audience responded with loud cheers to show how much they liked her performance!  


IU then continued the concert with <Bad Day> and <Mia>. What surprised Hong Kong fans most was when the music for <囍帖街> (Original singer: Kay Tse) started playing. IU then sang the song flawlessly and continued with another song, Beyond‘s <喜歡你>. IU mentioned that she really like Beyond and have decided that she will cover another song of Beyond in the near future. IU also added that Cantonese is not an easy language to master and singing in Cantonese is rather difficult, but seeing how the fans loved it, she thinks it is worth it. 

IU also invited Tan Han Jin (陳奐仁) as a special guest for today’s concert and both of them sang  <愛是懷疑> and <沒時間後悔>

As Christmas is nearing, IU also prepared <Merry Christmas in Advance> for the fans to celebrate the festive season.  The fans also prepared a VCR and hand banners to show their endless support for IU. 


IU sang more than 20 songs for the concert and ended it off with <Good Day> and also <You Know> and <Heart> for encore. As the fans wanted to hear more, IU decided to sing <Heart> again and <The Shower>, ending “IU CONCERT 24 STEPS IN HONG KONG” with a perfect note. 

Content and photos by SGE


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