Korean Goods Biz-Matching with MAMA 2016 Opening Ceremony (ft. Kim Sejeong)

Hong Kong, 2016 On 2 Dec 2016, Kpop artiste, Kim Se-Jeong (member of I.O.I and GuGuDan) attended Korean Goods Biz-Matching with MAMA 2016 as the publicity ambassador of this year’s MAMA 2016, organised by KOTRA. 

When asked about her thoughts of being an ambassador of this year’s MAMA, she modestly expressed that she is really honoured to have this opportunity and is really happy to be able to meet everyone in such a beautiful country like Hong Kong. She is also really happy to be able to promote not only Kpop, but also beauty tips, clothes and daily necessities of Korea. She hopes that Korea and Hong Kong will continue their good relationship and that more people will know about Korea’s goods and unique culture.  

kim-sejeong-1Official photo

Also, during this opening ceremony, the Korea corporations also donated gifts for charity.

After the press conference and opening ceremony, Se-jeong, along with several other esteemed guests toured the hall. During the tour with the respective guests, you can see the popularity of Se-jeong as numerous people began crowding around her excitedly. 

For more photos of Kim Se Jeong at this event, kindly visit https://www.facebook.com/StarArenaHD/.

Article content by: Chan Po Ching


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