Rain wishes to greet his fans warmly during his Squall World Tour in Singapore


It has been a year since superstar Rain been in Singapore. To the delight of his fans, he is in Singapore before the year ends as part of his Squall World Tour. He met up with the media on 29th December to talk more about his concert which will be held on 30th December, 730pm at Resorts World Convention Centre, Resorts World Ballroom.

For fans who have been waiting for his new album, Rain shared that he will, in fact, be releasing an album soon! “My new songs and album will be released in 2 weeks time! The teaser video should be released soon!” he exclaimed.

The teaser photo of his new album was already released and it captured the attention of netizens with its cool, silhouette vibe. When asked what is the concept of his new album, he shared “I worked together with Psy who produced one song on the album. That song is an R&B song and I’m sure it’ll be intense!”

Psy is well known for his retro music but this time round, he is producing an R&B song for Rain. It will be interesting to see what kind of music they worked together on.


Recently Rain is getting lots of attention for his collaborations in China with his first ever Chinese drama, Diamond Lover. He exclaimed that he would love to film a production in Singapore whenever he has an opportunity. “It doesn’t matter what genre it is, just filming in Singapore would already be an honor as I really love Singapore!”

Considering his large fanbase in China, his new album would even have a Chinese version for his fans to listen to the songs in mandarin!

It was recently reported that Rain is cast alongside f(x) Victoria in the Chinese drama, Endless August. When asked what it was like acting alongside her, Rain shared, “She is really lovely, cute and an active girl so you guys should anticipate the drama which would be out next year!”


Last year, Rain announced he had created his own one-man agency which is focused on finding talented rookies and recruiting stars. After much anticipation, Rain shared that he has plans to debut a new boy band next year or latest, in 2018. He asked for everyone to await their debut.

Rain, who is in Singapore for his Squall World Tour, share what the fans can expect during the concert. “I would like to share a warm image and show my natural self to the fans. Since the venue is smaller as compared to other concert venues, it would be more intimate and we could be closer!” he said making the fans anticipate his concert.

Be sure to end your 2016 well with Rain later tonight, 7.30pm at Resorts World Convention Centre! See you guys there!

We would like to thank Faith&D Entertainment and Star Speed Entertainment for the invitation to this press conference.


3 thoughts on “Rain wishes to greet his fans warmly during his Squall World Tour in Singapore

  1. tonicny says:

    Congratulations to Rain and Singapore for a perfect way to ring in the new year. The amazing concert is on now, wish I could have been there in person. Cheer loudly, 👏👏👏, show Rain your ❤️ and support.

    Liked by 1 person

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