Five Ways Goblin Is Different From Your Other K-Dramas

Photo credits: Oh K Facebook

Singapore, 2016 – The K-fever has brought us soldiers, princes, and even mermaids. But Goblin has ventured into unchartered territory, with a 900-year-old Goblin, a Grim Reaper and everything else in between.

Let’s take a look at the five ways how Goblin is breaking barriers to be the most unique K-drama to air.

Unusually great chemistry between Goblin and Grim Reaper
At certain points of the drama, you’ll think that they hate each other’s guts to have killed the other. But there are also moments in the show which showcase the affection both of them have for each other, by their ongoing ‘bromance’, which translates off-screen as well! They always appear to be at loggerheads during meal times but in Episode 9, the Grim Reaper openly confesses to Goblin that he will miss having the Goblin around once he dies. 

Their amazing chemistry could be the result of their days back in the military where Gong Yoo was Dong Wook’s senior officer!

Well-executed computer graphics from the team that did ‘Train To Busan’
As this is a fantasy drama, it is only fitting that only the best visuals and computer graphics are present.The show’s director worked with the same visual effects team that did the highly-acclaimed ‘Train To Busan’! The combination of amazing graphics and cinematography sure adds to the magical and mystical feel to the series.

Unexpected love plot between a 900-year-old and a 19 year-old
Call it whatever you want but never have we seen a love story between a 900-year old man and a 19-year old schoolgirl work out so well. The love story between Goblin (played by Gong Yoo) and Eun-Tak (played by Kim Go-Eun) combines a perfect mix of romance, tragedy and hope, which we believe many people are looking forward to in any hit K-drama.

The sights and sounds of Quebec, Canada
Once in awhile, Goblin and Eun-Tak will transport and travel through the maple leaves – peppered streets of Quebec, Canada. Viewers will be treated to the amazing sights and sounds of the beautiful country and it will give you a sudden urge to travel all the way to Canada. Trust us.

A rare mix of modern and period settings
Goblin is a unique drama that is set in two distinct eras in Korean history, the periodic and modern eras. The period setting will explain the origins on how Goblin ended up in the situation he is put in, while the other things we love and enjoy about the show (the love story, the bromances etc.) can be depicted in the modern settings, something rarely ventured into for K-dramas.

Goblin shows every Saturday and Sunday, 11.15am and 7pm on Oh!K (StarHub TV Channel 816 and Singtel TV Channels 525 and 611).

Photos and content provided by Oh!K


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