GOT7 meets Taiwan fans and hints at comeback soon

got7intaipei-2Photo credit: IME tw

Taiwan, 2017 – Popular boy band GOT7 finally returned to Taiwan after 2 years for ‘GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence in Taipei 2017’ at Taipei International Convention Center on 6th January. To start off the concert, GOT7 performed the Chinese version of Let me and Prove it before they greeted the fans using Mandarin. During the talk segment, they also expressed their longing to meet Taiwan fans and are really glad to be able to meet them. 

During the Q&A session, GOT7 members started to select questions provided by the fans to answer. JB picked a post-it that instructs the other members to act cute for JB. Subsequently the other members chose post-its that request JB to perform sexy dance or girl group dance for the fans. Initially, fans wanted JB to perform TWICE’s TT but JB eventually chose to perform a short segment of Red Velvet’s Dumb dumb. The day before the concert is actually JB’s birthday and JB parents specially made a trip to Taiwan to celebrate their son’s birthday. JB’s mother also prepared a surprise video for JB, which made JB so touched that he teared.

got7intaipei-1Photo credit: IME tw

GOT7 then continued the concert with Boom Boom Boom which brought the atmosphere to another climax. They then performed A Little Happiness (Movie theme song of a popular movie Our Times), making the fans mesmerised by their vocals. After that, GOT7 then took  the stage with their hits songs; Fly, If you do and Hard carry, accompanied by loud fan chants from the fans.

As the end of the concert drew near, each member of GOT7 used Mandarin to thank and bade goodbye to Taiwan ahgase. Mark also shared that GOT7 will be coming back soon with a new album and wishes that fans will look forward to it. GOT7 then ended the concert beautifully with Chinese version of Just Right.

台灣, 2017 – 時隔2年,韓國人氣男團GOT7再度來到台灣,於201616日晚間在TICC台北國際會議中心火熱開唱,一開場就先為台灣的鳥寶寶們帶來中文版的 Let me 以及 Prove it 隨後每位成員展現苦練多時的中文向台灣粉絲問好,表達對台灣鳥寶寶的想念。

之後的Q&A環節,由GOT7每位成員們抽出粉絲所寫的小紙條並回答,一開始先由JB抽出小紙條,希望成員在他面前撒嬌,但之後成員們所抽出的紙條都是希望JB跳性感舞、女團舞,原本粉絲希望他表演師妹團TWICETT 但最後JB選擇了之前在巡迴演唱會上所表演過的 Dumb dumb 十分可愛。由於演出當天適逢隊長JB的生日,JB的父母親也特地來台參加見面會幫兒子慶生,JB媽媽還錄製了一段秘密慶生影片,讓JB在台上崩潰爆哭,直說真的很感謝父母親及鳥寶寶們。

不同於之前溫馨感人的氣氛,接著GOT7帶來了high爆全場的 Boom Boom Boom 然後更演唱了很受韓國人歡迎的國片〈我的少女時代〉主題曲〈小幸運〉,讓全場鳥寶寶們聽得如癡如醉。

其後,GOT7們帥氣地表演了FlyIf you doHard carry這些橫掃音源及音樂節目一位的人氣歌曲,並伴隨著鳥寶寶們強大的應援聲,使全場high到最高點。

到了活動尾聲,GOT7每位成員用全中文的方式和台灣的鳥寶寶們道別,其中台裔美籍的成員Mark更分享了很快就會帶著新專輯與大家見面,請大家一定要期待。最後便帶來了安可曲中文版〈Just Right 作別,GOT7台北粉絲見面會圓滿落幕。

Article by: 楊博甯

We would like to thank IME Taiwan for the invitation to cover this event.


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