Super Junior Kyuhyun -Reminiscence of a Novelist- in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2017 – Before his enlistment, Super Junior Kyuhyun, started on his Asia tour and performed in Hong Kong on 17th March at Asia World Expo.

He started off the concert with ‘Blah Blah‘ and ‘Because I Miss U‘. During the talking segment, he greeted the audience in both Cantonese and Mandarin, showcasing his mastery in the language. He then changed into a pink suit and performed ‘Piano Forest‘ and ‘When with me‘. He also joked that these 2 songs will be the liveliest songs for the concert as the remaining songs will be sad ballads.

In the midst of the concert, he began to converse with fans in Mandarin. He told the fans to take good care of themselves, to be healthy, and that he was quite worried about the attendance rate of this concert. He also mentioned that he was afraid that the fans will not like the ‘guest’ he is going to invite to his concert. Turns out, he invited ‘Kyuhyun‘ who appeared on the big screen and both of ‘them’ sang ‘Two men‘  together.

After this segment is the musical portion where Kyuhyun showcased his acting and singing abilities.

He also performed 新不了情, 那些年, 聽海 and a Cantonese song 天梯, pleasantly surprising all the fans present. This was not the end as he then dressed in a hip hop outfit and performed a segment of rap. He also danced to Twice‘s ‘Cheer up‘ which of course gained cheers among the audience.

To end the concert off, Kyuhyun sang ‘A Million Piece’, accompanied by confetti which suited the ambiance of the song and the Chinese version of ‘At Gwanghwamun’. The fans sang along with him and raised the banner to tell Kyuhyun that they will wait for him and to meet again 2 years later.

Hong Kong, 2017 – Super junior成員曺圭賢入伍前,展開了個人亞洲巡演,在本月17號亞洲博覽館舉行在香港的演出。一直走抒情歌路線還唱過不少電視劇主題的圭賢,以抒情憂鬱的Blah Blah 和Because I miss u來開場。

在mnet環節大秀廣東話和普通話,一展他的中文實力。隨後換上粉紅裝跳上舞唱比較輕快的歌曲piano forest 和when with me。圭賢開玩笑說這會是最開心的兩首歌,因為他的歌大多都是悲傷情歌。

圭賢憑他流利的普通話一直在台上說了好多感想,比如說讓粉絲一定要好好照顧自己,要身體健康,事先開演唱會時很擔心入場率等等。他還說他為大家請來了一個嘉賓,但又怕大家不喜歡。原來他指的是大螢幕上的圭賢和他一齊唱two men,實在是很會搞氣氛。之後加插了音樂劇部分,令觀眾欣賞到他的演技和不同的一面。

除了唱他拿手的中文歌新不了情、那些年和聽海之外,他還特意為粉絲準備了廣東話歌:天梯,令在坐的粉絲都十分驚喜。當然驚喜的不止這一點,他還化身dancing kyu和rap kyu,穿上一身hip hop 的裝扮大秀rap功。他還跳了twice的cheer up,讓觀眾都眼前一亮。


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