AOMG effect lingers at ‘AOMG Follow the Movement concert’

AOMG-5Photo credits: Launch Group

Singapore, 2017 – They say it ain’t a party without AOMG. And we couldn’t agree more after last Monday! On 1st May, fans of the Korean hip-hop record label got to experience a prelude to how it would be like to party with the crew. AOMG artists DJ Pumkin, Loco, Gray, Simon D and Jay Park got the crowd all hyped up; grooving and jumping to the sleek and sick mix of R&B and hip-hop beats throughout the 2-hours long concert.

Loco opened the concert literally at a high with track ‘High2’ and was later joined by Gray for hit tracks such as ‘RESPECT’ and ‘Just do it’. The duo’s strong chemistry was irrefutable. Gray sent the crowd into a frenzy when he went offstage and got closer to the fans in the standing pit as he performed ‘Dangerous’ and ‘Summer Night’.

Photo credits: Launch Group

Despite having a translator backstage to assist, they tried their best to speak mostly in English. Speaking in English, Loco shared, “I will be releasing my new album soon. Please check it out!”.  Gray ended up revealing that he is a non-smoker when he mentioned about Singapore’s strict smoking rules.

Chants echoed the arena for the next act – SIMON D O M I N I C oh oh! His rapping skills need no further acknowledgement as he effortlessly delivered hit tracks like ‘Simon Dominic’ and ‘Money Don’t Lie’. Simon proves yet again that he got the singing chops when he serenaded the crowd and sang in falsetto for ‘₩ & ONLY’. He kept the crowd entertained with his humour – speaking Singlish, talking about being in the age for marriage and establishing his love for laksa by calling himself “LakSimon Dominic”.

AOMG-3Photo credits: Launch Group

Jay Park was the last solo artist to perform and if we didn’t know any better, most would think that he was in his best condition to perform. Down with a cold and with only a few hours of sleep after an overnight filming for SMTM6, Jay went on to skilfully sing, dance and rap to classics ‘JOAH’, ‘Nothing on You’ and hits such as ‘MOMMAE’ and ‘All I Wanna Do’. The crowd got more pumped up when he went closer and nearly wanted to dive into the crowd.

AOMG-4Photo credits: Launch Group

The concert ended with a blast as the crew collaborates for ‘No Manner’, ‘Who Are You’ and ‘I like 2 Party’. The stage’s background visuals and floor lights made the show even more visually appealing. Props to DJ Pumkin for completing the whole party vibe. Overall, it was an amazing experience watching AOMG Follow the Movement! Even the seating area felt like a standing pit. We can only say it’s the AOMG effect.

Article by: Shaz
Photos provided by: Launch Group


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