Lee Dong Wook – The Endearing Grim Reaper

Hong Kong, 2017 – With his recent appearance on ‘Goblin’, Lee Dong Wook the ‘Grim Reaper’ shot to fame in Asia once again. He commenced his Asia tour in March this year and finally came to Hong Kong on May 3rd to meet fans who have been anticipating his visit. Prior to the fan meet, Lee Dong Wook met up with the local media at an open press conference on May 2 at APM mall. Close to 800 fans filled up the first 3 floors of the mall just to catch a glimpse of this charismatic actor. 

Donned in a green suit, Lee Dong Wook waved and greeted the fans and media as he walked on stage. Lee Dong Wook shared that Hong Kong is a really lively place and Hong Kong fans are really enthusiastic. He also explained briefly that the central theme for his fan meet ‘For my Dear’ is a gift and is specially prepared for his fans.

When asked about how to maintain his looks and handsome features, Lee Dong Wook exclaimed that he does not think that he is that good looking. He then added that he does some exercise during his free time to keep fit. He also shared that he particularly likes riding bicycle. In terms of future roles that he wants to try, Lee Dong Wook expressed that he wants to try something different from what he had acted before and suggested ‘a role related to politics’?

During the media close-up interview, Lee Dong Wook also shared several interesting things about himself. ‘Hotel King’ is currently being re-broadcasted on Hong Kong television. One of the questions asked was if he watches his own shows after filming. He shared that he does not watch his own shows/dramas after filming it.
When asked about the food or places he wanted to try or go to in Hong Kong, he expressed regretfully that for the past few times, he has no time to travel around properly as he is always here for work. He wishes to have the opportunity to travel around Hong Kong properly the next time he visits.

One can simply see how endearing Lee Dong Wook is as he constantly waves and greets his fans, the media and also the onlooking shoppers in the mall. He then ended the press conference by thanking everyone for their continuous support and also briefly reminded that his friend, Gong Yoo will be having his fan meeting in Hong Kong really soon.

Article by: Chan Po Ching



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