B1A4 holds successful concert in Hong Kong

B1A4 Hong Kong-15Photo credits: ELF ASIA

Hong Kong, 2017 – On 21st May, B1A4 successfully concluded ‘ B1A4 Live Space 2017 in Hong Kong’ at KITEC Star Hall.

It has been a while since their previous visit to Hong Kong but one can easily see their anticipation and excitement to meet their fans once again. The 5 members performed really hard and they also the effort to continuously walk to the extended stages to get closer to their fans.

To start off the concert, a VCR took everyone on a spaceship towards a planet that B1A4 was on. The boy band then began the concert with ‘Melancholy’ and ‘In the Air’. During the talk segment, the members greeted the crowd and also expressed their delight to be able to come back to Hong Kong for a concert and thanked the fans for their never ending support and love.

B1A4 Hong Kong-3Photo credits: ELF ASIA

They then continued with ‘Oh my God’ and ‘Nightmare’. Then came the highlight of the concert where B1A4 started singing ‘無盡’ which is a song by a local band Supper Moment. It was a song that B1A4 specially prepared for the fans and the fans truly enjoyed this surprise.

B1A4 then brought the atmosphere to another level by belting out ‘You’, ‘Crushing On You Again’ and ‘Yesterday’, displaying their singing and dancing skills.

In addition to their hit songs, B1A4 also sang several songs, such as ‘Drunk on You’ and ‘Sparkling’  from their latest album Good Timing. The members also explained that ‘With you’ was a song that shows their gratitude and love towards their fans and it is a very memorable song. B1A4 then concluded the concert with ‘Good Timing’.

B1A4 Hong Kong-27Photo credits: ELF ASIA

After the concert was a hi-5 session with the fans. B1A4 sincerely thanked each and every fan that came up to them and they were also generous with their ‘hearts’ as they sent numerous ‘hearts’ to fans who were leaving the venue after the show.

B1A4 will continue their tour to Taiwan, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. All the best for their remaining tour and we hope to see them back in Hong Kong again!

‘B1A4 Live Space 2017 in Hong Kong’ is proudly brought to you by ELF ASIA.


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