GFriend First Mini-Concert held successfully in Taiwan

Taiwan, 2017 – GFriend successfully completed their very first mini concert at TICC, Taiwan, on 9th July 2017.

GFriend started off the concert with their debut song – Glass Bead, accompanied by a loud fanchants and Glass bead light sticks. After performing One and White, they greeted the fans using Mandarin. After the greeting sessions, they continued the concert with a Taiwanese song originally sang by aMEI, which was specially prepared for their Taiwan Buddy.

GFriend also had close up interaction with the fans present as the members took a selfie with fans during ‘Click’.

At the concert, Umji, Yerin, Eunha and Yuju also had their solo stage, each performing songs they sang for OSTs or collaboration songs. Taiwan buddy also specially prepared a short clip for GFriend. The members were touched and GFriend promised that they will come to Taiwan again next year!

The mini concert then came to an end with the song ‘Sunshine’.


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