5 Reasons Why You Should See Gdragon Live

GDragon Singapore-2Singapore, 2017 – Last week, G-Dragon held a 2-day concert in Singapore for his G-DRAGON ACT III, M.O.T.T.E. World Tour live in Singapore. After the 2 days concert experience, we have rounded up 5 reasons why you should seize the opportunity to see G-dragon LIVE the next time he comes to your city!

  1. He’s an amazing performer!

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years now, it comes as a no surprise how natural he is on stage. With his captivating stage presence, every second of the concert will keep you entertained!

  1. The concert is a visual spectacle

With pyrotechnics and captivating lighting, you know a lot of thought has been put into setting up the vibe for the concert. With the red-lighting and 90s getup, G-Dragon owns the retro vibes complete with supporting visuals.

GDragon Singapore-7.jpg

  1. Belt out your favorite songs!

What better way than to sing along to your favorite G-Dragon songs than singing alongside him at his concert! Not only do you get to belt out the songs, you even get to sing along with all the fans at the concert, which is truly a one-of-a-kind feeling you shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Get to see a more personal look at Kwon Ji Young

At the concert, G-Dragon spoke up about his dual identity as the amazing G-Dragon and his normal self, Kwon Ji Young. He shares his personal struggles keeping up with his image which tends to get burdensome. You are able to see a more stripped down G-Dragon as he introduces himself as Kwon Ji Young.

  1. Great fan-service

Even though he always portrays himself as a cool guy to the world, his fans recognize him as the dorky and adorable Kwon Ji Young. During his concerts, he will occasionally slip out finger hearts to the crowd and even “I love you”s, much to the fans enjoyment.

The whole concert experience was an amazing one and I am sure it left fans wanting more. It is a pity though, as G-Dragon himself hints at enlisting in the army soon. Looks like the next time we get to see him live again, would be in two years time! For sure, we will be excitedly waiting for the next time he comes to Singapore, to be able to relive this amazing concert experience again!

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