Find out how you can meet Yoona at H:Connect fan meet in Taiwan

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Taiwan, 2017 – H:CONNECT pop up store will be available from 8th July to 22nd July at Uni-UStyle B2 Atrium. Fans of Yoona do keep a look out as there will be many attire and limited edition merchandise on sale and also ways to #connecttoyoona for ‘H:CONNECT Yoona Fan Meet’!

Win limited passes to H:CONNECT Yoona Fan Meet on 22 July

On 22nd July (Saturday), 3000 lucky fans will be able to meet Yoona at an exclusive fan meet. To obtain a chance to win passes to this fan meet, simply just purchase from the POP UP STORE from 8th July to 21st July and you might be the lucky one as H:Connect will be choosing 1 lucky winner daily. For more details on how to win the passes, do check out

台灣,2017 – 韓國快時尚品牌H:CONNECT快閃店將於7/8(六) – 7/22(六)在統一時代百貨B2會場正式登場!潤娥的SONE們快來尋找專屬於你與潤娥間的仲夏海洋單品,在7/22(六)「H:CONNECT粉絲Yoona見面會•仲夏海洋樂園時尚秀」穿出專屬於你與女神潤娥間的K-Fashion海洋風,一起近距離#connecttoyoona!

人氣女神潤娥降臨 引爆今夏最熱韓系時尚

今夏最不容錯過的韓系時尚H:CONNECT POP UP STORE 7/8(六) 將於統一時代百貨B2會場正式開幕!快閃店中除了歡樂海洋樂園的沁涼主題系列服飾外,更獨家開賣《潤娥形象款》,並網羅多項《H:CONNECT潤娥限定系列商品》限量發售,包含夏日必備的海灘包與療癒小物馬克杯、便利貼等;統一時代會員消費即贈YOONA帆布袋,這個夏天就來H:CONNECT快閃店擁有潤娥吧!


7/22(六)H:CONNECT號召3,000名粉絲在「H:CONNECT粉絲Yoona見面會•仲夏海洋樂園時尚秀」同樂,若想要更零距離 #connecttoyoona 的粉絲,只要於7/8-7/21活動期間於POP UP STORE消費滿額,現場就能獲得限量抽獎機會1次,天天都會抽出1名H:幸運兒與亞洲女神潤娥親密接觸,想跟潤娥一起度過仲夏的SONE們,一定要把握機會!

為回饋H:CONNECT粉絲,7/8 – 7/22期間,每日前20名來POP UP STORE的消費者,就送沁涼YOONA扇子;7/19 – 7/22更推出每日限量50份的YOONA幸運袋,首三日買YOONA幸運袋就送「H:CONNECT粉絲Yoona見面會•仲夏海洋樂園時尚秀」限定名額邀請函,獨家 #connecttoyoona機會怎容錯過,潤娥與你相約7/22(六)!

詳細活動資訊將公告於H:CONNECT Taiwan


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