BTOB showcase their basketball skills at press conference in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2017 – It has been a while since BTOB visited Hong Kong since ‘2015 BTOB Concert in Hong Kong’. On 13 July, BTOB held a press conference at apm mall a day before their concert ‘BTOB Time Concert in Hong Kong’ and it drew a large crowd of around 1000 people. 
Changsub had a schedule on that day and wasnt able to attend the press conference. Upon reaching the mall, the members greeeted the media and fans cheerfully. They expressed that they have missed Hong Kong and will be having special solo stages for their concert on the next day.

During the interview session, the MC asked the members to comment on each other’s good points. Eunkwang complimented that Ilhoon is the most charismatic when he on stage and to him, he is the best artist of all. Ilhoon then continued by saying that he is very envious of Hyunsik‘s talent in musical instruments. Following, Hyunsik commented that Minhyuk is very charismatic and also very talented in sports. Next, Minhyuk mentioned that Peniel has many good points but is still very humble and hardworking. Peniel’s opined that Sungjae is very talented in acting and despite being the youngest in the group, he is actually very mature.

BTOB members then showcased their basketball skills by dribbling and shooting hoops. Minhyuk also spun the ball using one finger, ensuing cheers from the crowd.



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