WANNAONE celebrates member Kuan Lin’s birthday at their Wanna Be Loved Fan Meeting in Singapore


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

Singapore, 2017 – Only one month since their debut, the boys of WANNAONE held their first ever fan meeting in Singapore, showing how popular the group is. On September 22, they held their fan meeting at The Zepp at Big Box and performed, as well as interacted with all their fans present.

WANNAONE’s <Wanna Be Loved> fan meeting attracted a huge audience who wants to catch their favorite idols before each member goes their own way in a year. WANNAONE will disband in December 2018 and the members will return to their different talent agencies.


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

They started off the fan meeting with a segment called, “WANNAONE Time!” where each member talked about individual talents. They interacted with the fans and even did aegyo upon request, much to the fans excitement. When asked if given a chance to duet with another member, who would Jin Young pick, he exclaimed, “Min Hyun! Stay tuned for our duet in the future.”

WANNAONE performed their hits like “Wanna be” and “Pick Me”. Not only do they proved how amazing there are performing dance songs live, they also showcased their outgoing personality by treating fans with many laughter and fan service whilst on stage.


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

Another segment of the fan meeting includes “WANNAONE School” where they play activities like a random play dance, drawing of each other and reenacting various drama scenes. The crowd went crazy when Daniel starts to prove why he is called the “God of Hands” by doing a variety of model poses.

Since member Kuan Lin turned 16 on September 23, they hold a surprise birthday event for him! The whole venue started to sing Happy Birthday in 3 different languages just for him, – English, Korean and Chinese. Kuan Lin relayed how touched he is that the fans are celebrating his birthday together with him. “You guys are the best gift for me!” he shouted to the fans.


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

Before they end the press conference, they shared that they have a surprise gift for the fans! They have a few autographed ball under the seats of some fans. As soon as they mentioned this, the fans started scrambling around trying to channel their inner luck to win an autographed ball from the members.

WANNAONE mentioned that they will come to Singapore again and exclaimed their love for the fans. “We love you. Each and everyone loves all of you so much!”, showing their sincerity and humbleness. They ended their fun-filled fan meeting on a high note which I am sure the left the fans wanting more. Let’s hope the members keep their promise to come back before their disbandment!


(Photo credit: IME Group Pte Ltd and YMC Entertainment)

Do click here to see more pictures of WANNAONE at the Press Conference.


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