VIXX Leader N attends Starwars-themed Christmas decoration opening ceremony at apm in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2017 – On 19th November, apm invited Korean boy group VIXX‘s leader, N, to grace their Starwars themed Christmas decoration opening ceremony.

N entered the mall with a lightsaber in hand and greeted everyone with Cantonese. The executive director of Sun Hung Kai Properties, Vice president and manager of The Walt Disney Company then joined N on stage to pose for the media and watched a trailer of Starwar’s latest movie.

N also held a model of BB-8 and R2-D2 and posed for photos with them. During the QnA session, N shared that if given the chance to star in StarWars, he would like to be Darth Vader, as he is cool and good in fighting.

At the opening ceremony, in addition to playing games with the fans, N also performed two songs, OST ‘Without You’ and a Chinese song, ‘Kiss Goodbye’.

For more photos of N at this event, do visit our Facebook page!

香港,2017 – 11月19號apm商場邀請了VIXX的隊長N出席星球大戰的聖誕裝飾開幕禮,吸引了大枇粉絲來到現場。leader N先是拿著star wars的光劍登場,一邊用廣東話介紹自己,一邊舞動光劍給現場的媒體朋友拍攝。然後跟新鴻基地產執行董事還有華特迪士尼的副總裁和經理一起主持開幕和祝酒儀式。再和現場的觀眾一起觀看星球大戰:最後絕地武士最新的電影片段。

N特意繞場和模型BB-8還有R2-D2合照,還在大型聖誕卡上寫上祝福語,與大會互贈紀念品,令現場的充滿聖誕氣氛。在媒體圍訪中,被問到有沒有想成為star wars的主角,N笑言覺得是黑武士,因為他打架又厲害又帥氣。而且N也提到自己有一直堅持做運動,但粉絲每一次都不相信他,實情他一直有做管理體力的準備。提問中也被問到關於香港的問題,N喜歡吃香港的點心,芒果班戟還有蛋塔。也會想跟曾經一起表演過的歌手鄧紫棋再度合作。

除了跟幸福粉絲玩遊戲之外,大會要求N選出遊戲中表現最好的粉絲,N因爲希望他的粉絲都能得到獎品,所以都給她們打成平手,還開玩笑說最好是自己本人。N在現場表演了兩首歌,分別是電視劇主題曲without you和中文歌kiss goodbye。唱中文歌時,N還走下台跟兩旁的粉絲握手,令現場的觀眾提早感受到聖誕節的溫暖氣氛。

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