Shinhwa Minwoo and Hyesung to hold solo fanmeet in Hong Kong this coming December

Hong Kong, 2017- Shinwa Minwoo and Hyesung will be coming to Hong Kong on 9th December to hold their individual fan meet. The previous time Shinhwa visited Hong Kong was in 2013 and this time, fans will be able to meet 2 members of Shinhwa. Another surprise is that if one purchases one ticket, he or she will be able to attend both Minwoo’s and Hyesung’s fan meet. 

It will be Shinhwa’s 20th anniversary next year and both Minwoo and Hyesung disclosed that they are in the discussion for a Shinhwa concert next year to celebrate their upcoming anniversary.

Tickets for their fan meet in Hong Kong are already on sale so do not miss the chance to get yours!



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