GOT7 celebrates ‘PRESENT: YOU’ &ME comeback with Exclusive Twitter Blueroom Live

Fans can tweet their questions to GOT7 using the hashtags #AskGOT7 and #TwitterBlueroom on 4 December, 7pm KST!

Twitter Korea today announced an exclusive Twitter Blueroom with GOT7, ahead of the launch of their comeback repackaged album <PRESENT: YOU>&ME.

The Twitter Blueroom will include a Q&A session with the GOT7 members, and will be broadcasted live globally on 4 December at 7pm KST, through GOT7’s official Twitter account (@GOT7Official) and via the live broadcasting app “Periscope.”

Fans can Tweet any questions with the hashtags #AskGOT7 and #TwitterBlueroom, or by simply leaving it in the chatroom during the broadcast. The members will then answer these questions live during the Blueroom session.

Leading up to the launch of the repackaged album, GOT7 also shared teaser content for <PRESENT: YOU>&ME on their official Twitter account, much to the delight of Ahgasaes all around the world. In particular, the music video teaser posted on 18 November garnered 280,000 likes and 45,000 retweets.

GOT7 members will also showcase their exclusive Polaroid pictures during the Twitter Blueroom, which seven lucky fans will win. Twitter had previously collaborated with the band to treat fans to exclusive behind-the-scenes content directly from the music video shoot for ‘Lullaby’. This exclusive content could be obtained by clicking on the ‘instant unlock’ button to use the hashtag #lullaby in their tweets, and by doing so, they also stood a chance to win special Polaroid pictures of the members.


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