Seungri showcases his Mandarin at Windsor House event in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, 2019 – On 12 January afternoon, fans gathered around in Windsor House in anticipation of the arrival of Seungri, who is also a member of Big Bang. Upon arrival, Seungri greeted the crowd with English and then subsequently used Mandarin and Cantonese to converse. It is evident that he is quite well versed in these languages and joked that he does not need any translator, bringing laughter to the crowd.

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Seungri shared that for tonight’s concert, The Great Seungri Tour 2019 Live in Hong Kong ‘THE SEUNGRI SHOW’, he will be singing 20 songs and that Dara will be the special guest. He added that during BigBang’s concerts he usually sings around 5 songs and therefore he is looking forward to tonight where he will be able to sing as much as he likes.

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During the event, Seungri also showcased his Chinese calligraphy and wrote ‘福’. He also took some photos and gave them to some lucky fans. When asked about how it is like given that the rest of Big Bang members are in the army, he cheekily answered that in the past, the older members would be the one talking and he will talk minimally. Now, no one is watching him, and food expenses are lesser.

It also appears that Seungri might be interested in opening a store in Windsor House as he enquired about the lease fee and availability of store space with the Windsor House lease manager who is also present.

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Seungri then took a selfie video of himself with the crowd before leaving the venue.

周六(12/1/2019)中午的皇室堡商場每一層都擠滿了看Big Bang成員勝利的粉絲,而勝利一出現講了幾句英文向在場粉絲打招呼後,便是一直都盡量用中文(普通話和廣東話夾雜)和現場交流,更開玩笑說不需要翻譯,他都聽得懂,令在場粉絲十分開心,現場更是尖叫聲不斷。




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