Lai Kuan Lin left fans with a Good Feeling at his first fan meet in Singapore!


Singapore, 2019 – Through his 2 successful fan meets in Seoul and Bangkok, Lai Kuan Lin finally made a stop in sunny Singapore to meet his fans. Through the fan meet, the star proved that he has so many hidden talents from rap, singing, and dancing. The show in Singapore which was held in Zepp@Bigbox on April 30, was personal as the fans learn more about Lai Kuan Lin as a solo artist. 

The fan meet was split into different segments where Lai Kuan Lin interacted and showcased different talents to his fans. The first segment was going through his best 4 pictures in life. Kuan Lin confessed that he personally does not like to take selfies and prefers to take pictures of his friends, the scenery, of places and food.


There is an interesting and personal story for each picture he chose. The first picture was a picture of him sleeping while his stylists style his hair. It was hilarious because he explained, “I was very tired so I slept when they were styling my hair. When I woke up, I was shocked, ‘Why is it like that?'” which caused all the fans to laugh along.

One of his pictures was also a picture of EXO’s Suho. He shared that they are good friends and still keep in touch even until today. “Really thankful that he took good care of me when I was in Korea. We still have a good relationship now,” he added.

The next segment was a segment called “Truth or Lai”. This segment was hilarious as all the questions Kuan Lin answered turned out to be false so he jokingly said: “This is the real liar!” which definitely made the fans laugh together with him.


During the fan meet, he also recommended a new song for the fans – Anxious by Austin Mahone. “The song is ridiculous!” he added. So be sure to check out this song recommendation! He also sang along to One Direction‘s What Makes You Beautiful as he read out the lyrics, showcasing his perfect English. Even though he is humble to rate his English proficiency being 5 out of 10, I believe that his English is really top-notch!

After the fun interaction segments with the fans, he then continued to showcase his beautiful performances with hits such as Let You Go by Machine Gun Kelly, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran and his very own Like A Star which is the title track in his unit project with Pentagon’s Wooseok.


From his choice of covers and song recommendations, fans can really tell Lai Kuan Lin‘s preference of song and his personal style/genre.

While he and the fans were preparing to take a group picture together, the fans surprised Lai Kuan Lin with a special fan project. The fan-made video was very touching and special as the fans confessed their love and support for him. After going through a lot of experiences at such a young age, it must have been tough for him, but with such dedicated fans by his side, I am sure it made the journey easier for him.


After the fan project, Kuan Lin shared how grateful he is that his fans always listen and likes his sings. “I always wish to tell a story through my lyrics,” he explained.

“I hope that you will always believe in me. I think the best thing is for me to do what I want and for you guys to always support me,” he added.

Lai Kuan Lin then rounded up the fan meet with “Good Feeling” so that his fans leave the place with a good feeling in their heart. Even though this is his fourth time in Singapore, I am sure this is not the last time we will get to see Lai Kuan Lin. After all, he did promise to come back to explore our lion city!


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