MAMAMOO says Hello! MooMoo at their Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore


Singapore, 2019 – “I say, MAMA MAMAMOO~” This familiar greeting has finally been heard in Singapore! Charismatic quartet, MAMAMOO has made their way to the sunny island to meet the Singapore MooMoos (fan club name for MAMAMOO). Singapore is one of the stops for the [HELLO! MOOMOO] Asia Fan Meeting and fans are definitely in treat for the exclusive opportunity to witness the charms of MAMAMOO on the evening of 27 April at Zepp@Big Box.

Starting the show with the popular hit ‘Egotistic’, MAMAMOO captivated the audience right from the beginning. Recognized as the powerhouse vocal group, MAMAMOO showed off their singing abilities during the fan meeting with the performances of ‘I Love Too’, ‘Star Wind Flower Sun’, ‘Starry Night’ as well as the group’s latest release, ‘Gogobebe’.

The four ladies had a fun time interacting with some lucky fans during the “What Song Is It?” game segment. Team MAMA, which consists of Solar and Moon Byul, was the ultimate winner for this segment while Team MOO, consisting of Whee In and Hwasa, suffered a close defeat and their penalty was to do the Backpack Kid Dance. Whee In surprised the crowd when she perfected the moves while matching up with the fast music beats!

Throughout the fan meeting, MAMAMOO displayed their bright personalities and they seemed to have mastered the language of ‘Singlish’ as the quartet consistently exclaimed phrases like “steady la!” and “alamak!”. Aside from their cheeky and fun selves, the ladies have expressed their longing to visit Singapore. A special VCR was shown during the fan meeting where MAMAMOO revealed their individual thoughts about meeting international fans.

The words from MAMAMOO were filled with gratitude and sincerity, especially when Hwasa took the effort to think from the perspective of MooMoos where she expressed, “If I were a fan of a certain singer and I live in a country different from him/her, I will be very angry because I would want to meet the singer very badly”. Understanding the intentions of overseas fans, MAMAMOO promised to work hard in bringing good performances and songs to them.

Nearing the end of the fan meeting, a special cake was brought out on stage for Whee In to celebrate her birthday. However, the cake turned out to be made up of chicken feet (닭발), a dish loved by many Koreans! Isn’t this the perfect birthday cake for the food lover, Whee In?


The two-hour-long fan meeting concluded with MAMAMOO dressed in traditional costumes for the encore stage performances of ‘Waggy’ and ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’. It was a short but eventful time with MAMAMOO and once again, the four ladies have proven to be a group comprising of outstanding performers!

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