B.I makes IDs go BTBT during Fan Meet in Singapore

Singapore, 2022 – The Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands was filled with the positive energy and excitement of IDs (Be The Identity) who were finally meeting their favourite idol, B.I after a long time. The South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and producer (also a former member of boy group iKON) kicked off his fan meet in Singapore on Sunday, 7 August 2022. 

Coined by his fans as a ‘genius’ in songwriting and performance, B.I took over the stage with his strong charismatic energy and performed a variety of his songs from his albums WATERFALL and COSMOS. He performed a total of 8 songs including WATERFALL, illa illa, Flame, Lover, COSMOS, Re-Birth, Remember me and his latest viral hit, BTBT. B.I promised IDs that he will come back with more performances for a concert tour. Despite not being able to perform and meet his fans physically for more than a year, B.I seemed reserved at first but quickly warmed up to the stage and interacted with his fans sincerely.

IDs had the opportunity to bond and get to know B.I even more with games such as ‘What’s in the box’ and ‘Date Balance Game’. These segments allowed the shy artist to portray his various charms. As punishment for ‘What’s in the box’, B.I showed cute and cool poses which made IDs scream in joy. He also displayed how thoughtful he was when he considered the choices for his imaginary date very seriously. It made every ID wish they were his girlfriend. At the end of the event, a special video made by IDs was played and it showed the immense support that they have for the idol. 

The theatre was filled with so much warmth as B.I and IDs displayed so much love for each other. It was evident how much B.I appreciate his fans and the opportunity for him to perform after all that he had gone through in the previous years. During the performance of his song, Re-Birth, fans held a banner which said “다음생에도 비아이의 팬이에요” in Korean which translates to, “I will still be B.I’s fan, even in my next life”. This sweet gesture was followed by fans chorally singing along to the chorus. 

The fan meet proved that the idol has a great connection with his fans. The fan meet ended with some lucky fans taking photos with their favourite idol and some with the opportunity to meet up close in a Hi-touch event. We wish B.I all his best in reaching his goal as a singer-songwriter and performer.

For more photos of this event, head over to our Facebook page.

Article by: Daya H.
Photos by: Yushan Q.

This event is proudly brought to you by Three Angles Production.


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