Highlight Yang Yoseop attends the opening ceremony of ‘To Korea, Where K Culture begins’ in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2023 – On March 25th, Yang Yoseob, lead singer of the popular Korean group HIGHLIGHT, attended the opening ceremony of the 2023 ‘To Korea, Where K Culture begins’ event in Hong Kong. He graced the event with Mr. Seo Young Choong (Vice President of the International Tourism Division, Korea Tourism Organization) and Carol Cheng Yu Ling (honorary ambassador of K-tourism.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Yang Yoseob, dressed in a black suit with a white shirt, performed his solo song ‘Where I am gone’ for the attendees of the event. In addition, he also shared numerous information and insights about travels in Korea, in the midst which he requested a bottle of water to quench his thirst, just to continue his sharing session. When asked if fans could meet him by chance at the attractions he mentioned, Yang Yoseob promised that he would visit the scenic spots he had mentioned more frequently, suggested that fans could potentially see him while visiting these places.

Yang Yoseob also taught everyone some Korean popular words “오운 완”, and the host took the opportunity teach him some Cantonese phrase, including ‘你好靚女’ which means “You are a pretty girl”. He then concluded the event by performing ‘Chuck; and ‘BRAIN’, songs which were included in the CHOCOLATE BOX album, which definitely was definitely a performance worth watching.

Stay tuned for more HD photos of Yang Yoseob at this event!

3月25號,韓國人氣組合HIGHLIGHT主唱梁耀燮出席於將軍澳東港城的2023韓國旅遊嘉年華留開幕典禮,與韓國觀光公社國際觀光本部長徐英忠先生Mr. Seo YoungChoong,Vice President of the International Tourism Division Korea Tourism Organization、香港藝人鄭裕玲(韓國觀光名譽宣傳大使)等人一起為開幕典禮剪綵,並向香港旅客推廣韓國觀光的資訊。

剪綵完畢,梁耀燮第一時間為久等多時的粉絲送上solo 歌曲Where I am gone, 身穿黑色西裝的梁耀燮,搭配著飄逸的白襯衣,為表演更添色彩。可愛的梁耀燮在活動上一直講解韓國旅遊的資訊與見解,更問主持人拿了一瓶水解渴,只為能繼續講更多的資料給大家聽。被香港藝人鄭裕玲問到粉絲能在他介紹的景點偶遇到他嗎?梁耀燮立馬答應會多去他講過的景點,還邀請大家都一起去。

梁耀燮還教大家一些韓國時下的流行話「오운 완」,主持借此機會讓梁耀燮講廣東話「你好靚女」,讓梁耀燮擺出可愛的連拍,增加了在場的粉絲福利。最後梁耀燮連唱了兩首在CHOCOLATE BOX專輯的Chuck和BRAIN,讓粉絲一飽眼福和耳福!

Article by: Andrea

Photos by: Panda


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